Find detailed technical information on your Acura RL’s operation & maintenance, including online owner’s manuals & guides. Note: If you have downloaded an RL service manual PDF from another source in the Acura RL – Factory Service Manual ().zip. Get DIY detailed auto repair information for a Acura RL from the name you trust – Chilton.

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In latethe 3. In the rear, Archived from the original on Such equipment is available only at a limited number of specially certified tire and car dealerships. Archived from the original on 4 November More insulation was added in the engine compartment for MY The Base model optional rearview camera was installed in the same manner and position as on the maanual, mounted dead center in the trunk trim, with the trunk release button displaced to the right of center passenger side.

Acura RL Repair Manual

If the seal is damaged, it can result in a brake fluid leak under certain conditions. In practical terms, this means in an SUV versus ACE structure car collision, there is a greater chance that the ACE gl structure will engage with the SUV’s frame and dissipate collision forces around the passenger compartment.

A first for the RL was the use of aluminum 4-piston front brake calipers over Ina larger navigation system screen was added for the model year. In RLs received clear turn signal lenses in the rear lights, another new alloy wheel design, and various interior upgrades including new color schemes.

The Acura RL added new color combinations and new features: Archived from the original on 9 April These multi-piston calipers derived from racing applications, are extremely rigid. The Owner’s Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features.

Reasons for discontinuing the PAX run-flat system were several, one big reason probably being the class-action suit against Honda and Michelin.


Extraneous sounds, such as other voices in the cabin and wind noise, were better distinguished and filtered out by the dual microphone system. The result was a dramatic reduction in engine and exhaust noise. Despite the mid-generational update inonly 2, cars were sold in the U. Depending on the situation, all three stages may blend together as if one. Using a facility of XM Radio service, the system could send a variety of messages to the car, including service appointment reminders appointments first made via Internet or important messages such as recall notices.

In addition, during this time, Michelin announced that due to the low general acceptance of the PAX technology throughout the industry, new PAX development would be stopped, although tires would be provided for the foreseeable future. Also unique at the time was two-way communication via AcuraLink satellite communication.

Retrieved from ” https: The RL car structure made extensive use of somewhat “exotic” materials for a car at this price point. Retrieved 16 June The new wheels appeared to be conventional alloy wheels modified to incorporate an internal noise reduction device.

G3: Service Manuals And TSBs

Affected vehicles were to be inspected and repaired, as applicable, at no charge. The Wall Street Journal. The number of voice recognition commands was increased to over[23] up from [24] previously. The “Good” scores continued for all tests conducted on the model. All parts were dealer installable. Archived from the original on March 28, Whereas the former ANC was set to cancel out only low frequency boominess from the engine and exhaust, the MMC system, called Active Sound Control, was expanded in its range to cancel some higher frequency road and tire noise as well.

Always on, whether the stereo was on or not, ANC took input from two microphones placed in the cabin to analyze drivetrain-related low-frequency sound waves entering the cabin. Acuraa division of Hondaroad car timeline, —present. Controls for heating and air conditioning were simplified, and additional individual vent controls were added for the driver and passenger. New shifter and center console arrangements were added, including a Sport mode.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acura RL. Base model cars were well equipped, but deleted certain features such as the navigation system and Adaptive Front Lighting System AFSand substituted plastic simulated wood for the dashboard maple wood trim.

Acura RL Repair Manual | eBay

The initial available trim of the RLX will be front-wheel drive; later the all-wheel drive version will be released featuring a horsepower hybrid engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In Decembercertain — model Acura RLs were subject to acurra safety recall for the power steering hose.

The steering wheel paddle shifters were reprogrammed for faster response, and the paddle shifters could be operated in both Drive and Mnual modes. Technology Package cars were essentially the same as the and standard models, coming with navigation and AFS, while adding as standard equipment a rear backup camera and a 3. Unlike Honda dealers, Acura dealers were not required to become PAX certified service centers, which included expensive training and specialized machinery.

If the driver gets dangerously close and does not take evasive action, the RL serice provides visible and audible alerts.

Acura RL – Wikipedia

The suspension and chassis were stiffened, and new alloy wheels were offered. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:.

Oil leaking onto a hot catalytic converter will generate smoke and possibly lead to an under-hood fire. Delivery time is approximately five weeks.

The parts came pre-painted from the factory to match factory colors. The dealer-installed package consisted of a body kit, badging, revised suspension and different wheels.