Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Congratulations ! Your selection of a Honda Civic was wise investment. View and Download Honda Civic Coupe owner’s manual online. Honda Civic Coupe Automobile Owners Manual. Civic Coupe Automobile pdf. Download your free PDF file of the honda civic coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals.

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OPEN button beside the screen.

2009 Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual (396 pages)

The windows operate for up to 10 minutes after you turn off the ignition switch. Read the warranty booklet. To get the best protection from the side curtain airbags, occupants should wear their seat belts and sit upright and well back in their seats.

Also See for Civic Coupe Owner’s manual – pages Online reference owner’s manual – pages Navigation manual – pages.

Honda Civic Coupe Owner’s Manual Original 2 Door

Enter the PIN number. Even if the trunk release lever is locked with the master key, you can open the trunk with the remote transmitter.

Page Required Federal Explanation Always check the TPMS malfunction telltale after replacing one or more tires or wheels on your vehicle to ensure that the replacement or alternate tires and wheels allow the TPMS to continue to function properly. Your Vehicle at a Glance main controls If you leave either door open without the key in the ignition switch, the ceiling light goes off after 3 minutes.


Press the Talk button and say a name.

Owners Manual for | Honda Civic Si Coupe | Honda Owners

If you stop adjusting, the displayed mode is selected after about five seconds. Installing A Child Seat A child seat secured with a seat belt should be installed as firmly as possible.

Instruments and Controls indicators, gauges, dashboard, and steering column Page 98 After a passenger gets into the back seat, push the seat-back to the upright position, and push the seat backwards until it latches.

You will see SCAN in the display. It offers many channels in several categories.

Honda Civic Owners Manuals

Remote Transmitter 30 seconds. Press and release the Talk button. Add coolant to the radiator up to the base of the filler neck. If your vehicle needs to be towed in an emergency, see page Civic Coupe Towing a Trailer If the testing facility determines the readiness codes are still not set, see your dealer.

Page 5 Technical Information ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, and technical information. Use the preset buttons while a USB flash memory device is playing to select passages and change files. Carbon Monoxide Hazard Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage.

The positive crankcase ventilation valve routes them from the crankcase back to the Civic Coupe Emissions Controls intake manifold. Page 66 This indicator comes on when the washer fluid level is low. Adding Engine Mznual Do not fill above the upper mark; you could damage the engine. Move it to left, right, up, or down to change the highlighting and scroll through lists.


Remove the socket from the headlight assembly by turning it one-quarter turn counterclockwise. The steering system can be damaged if the steering wheel is locked.

Additional Safety Precautions Two children should never use the If they do, they same seat belt. Page After the pressure releases, push down on the cap, and turn it until it comes off.

It comes on when the light switch is in either the position. Page If you reconnect the same iPod, the system may begin playing where it left off, depending on what mode the iPod is in when it is reconnected.

Page 67 When the indicator comes on, there are about 1. Page Each time you touch the background icon, the display changes. Glove box Door and seat-back pockets Console compartment Center pocket Trunk, including the rear seats MAP button cancels the audio display on the screen. Authorized Manuals Electrical Troubleshooting Manual: