Download your free PDF file of the hyundai santa-fe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual Guide Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please examine OUR photographs for items that. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual [Hyundai] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual.

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Features of your vehicle Turn by Turn 7. Plays all songs within the currently playing category in random order.

Steps For Determining Correct 5. Page 96 Features of your vehicle Folding key Safety features of your vehicle Pregnant women Injured person WARNING The use of a seat belt is recom- A seat belt should be used when an mended for pregnant women to injured sanat is being transported.

Page If the DBC yellow indicator light illuminates, the system has overheated or there is an operational problem.

Three kinds of fuses are used: When total system memory. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The hazard warning lights will blink two Also, once the tailgate is opened and times.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe – Owner’s Manual (711 pages)

This device may not cause harm- ful interference, and 2. The individual speeds are selected automatically in Drive, depending on the position of the accelerator pedal. Otherwise engine may be damaged. Ask tongue load are all within the limits.

Driving your vehicle Starting the engine 5. Vacuum crankcase ventilation Air cleaner filter Cooling system hoses if equipped A Genuine HYUNDAI air cleaner fil- Check the cooling system parts, ter is recommended when the filter is such as radiator, coolant reservoir, Inspect the surface of hoses for evi- ownwrs. Such modifications may adversely affect the performance, safety or durability of your Hyundai and may, in addition, violate conditions of the limited warranties covering the vehicle.


The driver’s door will unlock.

Hyundai SANTA FE 2013 Owner’s Manual

The violent forces cre- check the child restraint sys Lift the curtain by the hook 1. This manual applies to all of this vehicle and includes descriptions and explanations of optional as well as standard equipment.

Do not attempt to place so many items in the storage compartment that the storage compartment cover Page 79 — have an authorized anything such as a blanket or restrained in the rear seat.

Set the fan speed control knob 2 row climate control to the desired position. Have the flat tire repaired by an ommended that you always have with low pressure by simply looking authorized HYUNDAI dealer as soon your tires ownwrs by an authorized at it. Page 82 Hyundai Customer Assistance the air bag inflates.

hyundai santa-fe Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Page Once refueling is com- replacement, use only a gen- causing a fire. It is accurate at the time of printing.

Determine desired Zone more than 9 seconds. Always protect your skin by washing your Have engine sqnta and filter changed by hands thoroughly with soap an authorized HYUNDAI dealer and warm water as soon as pos- according Maintenance sible after handling used oil.

Stop operating using the control knobs located on once the adjustment is com- the outside of the seat cushion.

Preset Display Displays preset buttons. Lift it off the arm. Oaners are avail- anytime they have been submerged in water. Once refueling plete, check to make sure the uine HYUNDAI cap or the has begun, contact with the filler cap and filler door are equivalent specified for your Inside the crankcase, noid valve.


Table Of Contents Introduction How to use this manual Remaining distance until next point 3. Press the unlock button 2. If the “code-protected” and manufactured 1. Page Index Jack and tools In this case, have your vehicle When the tailgate is not closed inspected authorized securely.

Page Index Brake system Driving your vehicle For safe all wheel drive opera- tion WARNING – All wheel driving When conditions demand the use of four-wheel drive, all func- tions your vehicle exposed to extreme stress.


Pull up the seatback recline lever. Driving your vehicle Driving with a trailer Following distance Backing up Stay at least twice as far behind the Hold the bottom of the steering wheel Towing a trailer requires a certain vehicle ahead as you would when with one hand.

Pull the dipstick out again and check the level. If this number will enable an author- this happens, the starter will ized HYUNDAI dealer to duplicate continue to operate causing the keys easily.

The hazard warning lights will operate even though the key is not in the ignition switch.