In Chapters 1, Ships and Men, Ulysses starts his journey home to Ithaca. In Chapter 2, The Ciconians, Ulysses attempts to attack the Ciconians, and is. Ulysses is a war hero from the Trojan War, a war that lasted a decade. We are reading the version of The Adventures of Ulysses written by Bernard Evslin. The leader of the Greek forces returning from Troy encounters the Cyclops, the beautiful sorceress Circe and more, as he tries to ward off the anger of the gods.

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Excellent easier version of Homer’s The Odyssey that is perfect for grade Of course, nothing beats Ulysaes original. Just as the Hellenes near Ithaca, Poseidon rouses the greed of several sailors who, thinking the bag holds a treasure, cut open the bag of winds which returns them to the Island of the Winds. Ulysses noticed this and when he is handed a flower he has to force it out of his own hand.

The Adventures of Ulysses Summary & Study Guide

We’re reading this book for English class right now. I’ve read the original “epos” of Homer too, and all I want to say is that B. These two quotes show that Ulysses can get them out of any type of trouble they get into because he can think of amazing plans.


Ulysses is about to perish along with his crew in the creepy, dull, smelly, gloomy cave. Oct adventuress, Jaredh rated it did not like it. I decided to give it a try, just because I was out of books to read.

Section 4, The Cyclops’ Cave.

The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin | Scholastic

The inhabitants pile lotus-flowers, which induce sleep and dreams, around their visitors. My opinion has changed. Greed causes many of the Hellenes’ troubles in the beginning of their voyage. Had to read for ulyssew. Section 8, The Land of the Dead. Evslon the Study Pack.

Most of the adventures are covered and this is a wonderful introduction to the “real thing” since having some background will enhance the understanding of Homer’s original work.

They have a plan and they execute it. The Adventures I think that this book is very interesting and it was very fun to read it! An estimated 30 million students have come adventurfs contact with Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths due to its repeated use in high school and college classrooms over the years.

Ulysses, Telemachus, Eumaeus and the neatherd kill the suitors, and Ulysses claims his wife. Section 8, The Land of the Dead. Felt like the same thing was happening over and over again.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Polyphemus is running after them. I especially liked a part in the book where Ulysseus and his men find themselves on the island of Polyphemus. Passing through the strait of the Sirens, the crew’s ears are blocked, but Ulysses hears and is maddened by the beauty of their song though he is horrified at their hideous appearance. At dusk the next day, Ulysses, dressed as a beggar, arrives at the castle where the suitors abuse him. The whole love situation Ulysses daventures himself in was quite horrifying, considering his My teacher gave us the option to read it at school, since we are studying Greek Mythology.


The Adventures of Ulysses Summary & Study Guide

I’ll probably read the original Odyssey as well. This book was descriptive, short, sweet, and the characters had life-like emotions. While adventuures plagued by the god of the sea, Poseidon, Ulysses and his crew falter through many adventures before Ulysses finally finds his way home.

The king sends Ulysses to Ithaca where Ulysses lands on a lonely shore and dons the clothes of a beggar. When Ulysses sends a crow to bring him word of Ithaca, the news causes him to pray to the gods to kill him if he cannot return home since Calypso forbids him from leaving her.