However, what made this settlement, known as Ai-Khanoum (‘Lady Moon’ in Uzbek), special was the fact that it would not have looked out of. The Spatial Organization of Ai Khanoum, a Greek. City in Afghanistan. LAuriAnne MArTinez-Sève. ArTiCLe. Abstract. The excavations of the Greek settlement of. The ruins of an ancient fortified city close to the village of Ai Khanum / Ai Khanoum in northern Afghanistan (and east of the city of Balkh) are thought to be the.

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Ai-Khanoum was a center of Hellenistic culture at the doorstep of India, and there was a strong reciprocal awareness between the two areas.

khaboum Email required Address never made public. One of these economic inscriptions relates in Greek the deposit of olive oil jars in the treasury:.

The Greeks in the East: It could even be a Greek depiction of Mithra we can postulate that the Greeks would have anthroporphized any Aryan god or Zoroastrian angel. German story with photographs here translation here. In a Lieutenant Wood heard local people refer to the site as “Barbarrah”.

Ai Khanum / Ai Khanoum (Alexandria on Oxus) & Zoroastrianism

Ai Khanum with the Amu Darya River in the background. The mission unearthed various structures, some of them perfectly Hellenistic, some other integrating elements of Persian architecture:. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The new Alexandrian library is on my list!

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Antefix from the administrative palace. Possibly, this was a refoundation of an older, Persian city, and was settled with Greek and Iranian veterans, together with native serfs: The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: The motivation for Hellenisation has long been debated. Coordinates on Wikidata Interlanguage link template link number Articles containing Greek-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Commons category link is on Wikidata CS1 French-language sources fr.


The citadel in the south, which is on a 60 m high loess-covered natural mound, has not been investigated yet, although it must have had massive walls and high towers. In the 13th Edict, Ashoka accurately names all of the rulers in the Hellenistic world at the time of the inscription: The result of this amalgamation was a distinctly Greek culture that nonetheless had recognisable local influence.

As a child, be orderly, As a youth, be self-controlled, As an adult, be just, As an old man, be of good counsel, When dying, be without sorrow. Numerous Seleucid coins were thus reattributed to the Ai-Khanoum mint rather recently, with the conclusion that Ai-Khanoum was probably a larger minting center than even Bactra.

This second coming was to prove the dawn of a golden age for the Kingdom, which began to prosper as it expanded in all directions, reaching its territorial peak in BCE.

Ai-Khanoum – Wikipedia

One of the more entertaining anecdotes highlighting the influence of Hellenistic culture is provided by ancient historian Plutarch:. Numerous Greco-Bactrian coins were found, down to Eucratidesbut none of them later. Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The Cineas mentioned has a Thessalian name. Various artefacts of daily life are also clearly Hellenistic: Excavation of the ruins show that the city was built over an older, Persian city.

Ai-Khanoum: A Greek city in north-east Afghanistan

During the reigns of Seleucus I Nicator the founder and his son Antiochus I, the number of new settlements expanded rapidly. According to John Boardman, Ai-Khanoum may have been one of the conduits for some art influence into ancient India, though these influences and their sources are “not always properly identified or yet identifiable”.

They are Indian-standard square coins bearing the representations of Indian deities, which have been variously interpreted as VishnuShivaVasudevaBuddha or Balarama. Royal Society of Arts, In addition, the entire site was littered with Greek-style sculptures and kanoum, including column capitals carved in the Corinthian style.

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To the right of the plate is what appears to be a Zoroastrian fire altar. The city’s wealth attracted enemies, and it was sacked by Sacae nomads in c. It was a major urban centre unlike any that had kuanoum been discovered. It would have therefore been a strategic city for any ruler, including Aryan rulers, in asserting their control of the surrounding land. Media Babylon Persia Rawlinson: The actual content of these edicts also gives a clear indication of the level of exchange between India and the Hellenistic world.

By use ng these double adjectives you give the impression that these two identities were distinct and separate Like Like. Ai Khanum is situated on the confluence of the mighty Amudar’ya the ancient Oxus and the Kokcha rivers.

So what ao this place and how khanou something so distinctly Greek come to exist in a far corner of Afghanistan? Excavation of the ruins have unearthed several artefacts, and one of particular note is a plate that appears to depict Zoroastrian and Mithraic imagery in a Greek manner. Among the finds are Greek and Indian coins, several inscriptions, sundials, jewelry, a famous silver disk showing the Phrygian goddess Cybelethe Greek god Helios, and an Iranian fire altar.

American Journal of Archaeology History Manners Customs pdf National Geographic Studies in Parsi History pdf Karaka: Examples of the Bactrian Gold Ornaments. Many Seleucid and Bactrian coins were found at Ai-Khanoum, as were ten blank planchetsindicating that there khnoum a mint in the city.

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