AILET Answer Key is generally required by the students who have written the AILET exam to check for their answers. The AILET Answer Key. Schools – AILET Analysis Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The CLAT paper came almost along the expected lines as. of the AILET (NLU Delhi) paper for the benefit of all our students. The reasoning based questions were mainly fromthe law of torts and.

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The Indian state with the lowest sex ratio is Haryana.

AILET Question Paper

The expected cut-off for this paper should range between 98 to marks. The passage was on the evolution of education and the questions were relatively easy as they could easily be answered by referring to the body of the passage. There was also a Cloze test with 5 questions.

The questions in the legal knowledge section were, however, mostly based on Contracts and the Constitution of India.

AILET 2013 Question Papers with Answer Key

A distance of 4 m separates two poles of different lengths. It might have been prudent to leave the RC for the end as it can take away precious time. Though the actual paper was not given to the examinees, the analysis is based on feedback from students who appeared in the examination.

The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan. All questions asked from one passage were vocabulary based. There were four questions based on word arrangement where the candidates had to find the word which could not be formed from the letters of the given word. It was ambiguous whether the Legal Aptitude Section would have Legal Knowledge questions or not, but as a relief, they were absent from the paper.


Most of the questions were straightforward and required application of the basic concepts to arrive at the correct answer. The centre of gravity of leaning tower of Pisa passes through: The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched? There were about 3 – 4 questions each from Algebra and Number System. These four questions were easy and should have been attempted. The prevailing fashion or style. A score of would be considered as good.

Environment Act in India was passed in: Each question had 4 options and the time limit of the paper was minutes. Rio De Janerio A total of 30 questions were asked in this section.

Baglihar Dam is located aioet which river? Meghalaya and Manipur 3.

Fibonacci Series Here every term, starting with the third one, is the sum of the previous two terms. The principal work of Norman Borlaug happened in which country? The overall level of questions in this section was easy and an attempt of 24 to 26 questions can be considered as a good attempt.

The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan: The allotted time was more than enough and most students had time left over. Navjivan Trust was founded by Mahatma Gandhi. Constitution included one question on Fundamental Rights, and one on State. A score of around 22 – 25 can be considered a good for this section. In the question set based on Octagon Table, only six persons were to be arranged while the options had eight persons in a probable attempt to confuse the students.

The questions based on xilet were primarily from topics of Law of Torts including the concepts aiet vicarious liability, Strict Liability and Negligence, Law of Crimes including theft, abetment and criminal conspiracy, Constitutional Law.

AILET Question Papers with Answer Key | AglaSem Admission

Kuchipudi Dance belongs to which state? Two questions were from Number System and rest of the questions were from Time, speed and distance, Time and work, Profit, loss and discount, Average and others.


Reference of memory quesstion questions asked in CLAT Here,the series was like this: Miss World is: Who was the first ruler of Saka dynasty? FIFA and next Olympic games would be held in: If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3: Since the paper was very much on expected lines, it should have been able to put you in the mood for other law entrances that follow. We do not take responsibility for ppaper decision that might be taken, based on this information.

There were at least a couple of questions here which did not have the right answer as any of the options. The entire section was dominated by Analytical Reasoning. Vis a Vis- face to face or in relation to 3. English The section was on expected lines.

This section of the paper had 20 questions. The level of the entire paper can be summed up as easy to moderate and students should expect a decent show. The Reading Comprehension passages were short, easy to read and with an average word count of about — words. The knowledge based questions were from areas including but not limited to Constitutional law, Law Commission, Treaties, Definitions from concepts of law etc.

Most of the questions were direct and could be answered easily with direct reference to the passage. One question was on family law.