Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine. View and Download Alesis Plus user manual online. Alesis QuadraVerb Plus Audio-digital processor: User Guide. Plus Processor pdf manual download. Alesis Quadraverb Plus, Music Technology, Apr those investing in the Quadraverb Plus will find themselves in possession of two manuals amounting to .

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In One Shot mode, a note-on message from any key of an external device will trigger the sample ,anual will play for its entire length, regardless of when the key is released.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. This addendum only describes the new features. The up output signal is a version of the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted up, while the down output signal is the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted down.

Alesis Quadraverb Plus (MT Apr 91)

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The next display will read: The last two new effects, Auto-Panning and Tremelo Modulation, share a common identity in that they’re both essentially amplitude modulation effects, and to that extent are mutually exclusive – you can’t run both simultaneously.

Not bad for an effects unit. When the first LED dB lights, the input signal has passed the audio threshold and recording has begun. The Tap number will fold back to 1 when Tap 8 is passed. Neither, I hope, require any explanation from me.


The next display will read: Though maximum sampling time is limited to 1. In addition, the Quadraverb’s extensive MIDI implementation has been greatly enhanced to include real-time parameter control of parameters such as the Delay, Volume, and Feedback for each of the 8 individual taps in the Multi Tap Delay configuration, as well as the Auto Panning and Tremolo’s Modulation Speed and Depth.

The recession bites, and many of us are looking for the most cost-effective way of improving our studios.

Limitations aside, this is still a very usable feature – particularly for percussion samples which are relatively short, do not require looping and can be triggered in the One Shot mode. Aleeis because resonator frequencies can be adjusted, you can therefore program the Quadraverb to generate up to five-note chords from any type of input signal.

Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. Tremolo Modulation means that a signal that has first been routed through the EQ section of either of the above configurations will vary in volume at a selected rate. For instance, if the base note has been selected to note number 60 Middle C or C3 and note number 84 C5 is played, the sample pitch will be triggered 1 octave higher than the bass C4. This can happen in two ways.

Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine

The second method requires the user to initiate recording by pressing the bypass switch on the front panel. Quadravefb policy of upgrading is nothing slesis of course, but Alesis do seem to be more diligent than most in making the benefits of continued research in their products available to existing customers.


Enter text from picture: Consequently, when a note is released, the output of the resonator driven by this note will decay to zero even if the input signal is active.

This is a normal phenomena that occurs during sample playback. And it works too.

Alesis Quadraverb Plus Users Manual

These represent versions of the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted up and with it shifted down and you can adjust the overall level of each. Alesis obviously think so. Full instructions on the operation of your unit can be found in your User’s Guide. This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before. Pressing the value buttons will select the desired amount of Panning or Tremolo Speed.

Instead of just processing a signal such as Delay or Reverb, a resonator generates a pitch in addition to the original input quadraveerb. In the first the easiest to get a good samplethe QuadraVerb Plus waits for the incoming audio to trigger recording.