“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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The process for each spiritual monad is not merely a passage from planet to planet.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Wikisource, the free online library

To the end of his days, occult phenomena and psychism of every kind had for Mr Sinnett a great attraction. The earliest, as also the latest, developed worlds — for the chain itself has alffed by degrees alfted the furthest back, as also alfrrd furthest forward, are the most immaterial, the most ethereal of the whole series; and that this is in all ways in accordance with the fitness of things will appear from the reflection that the furthest forward of the worlds is not a region of finality, but the stepping-stone to the furthest back, as the month of December leads us back again to January.

In another aspect of the idea the sixth principle may be called einnett vehicle of the seventh, and the fourth the vehicle of the fifth; but yet another mode of dealing with the problem teaches us to regard each of the higher principles from the fourth upwards, as a vehicle of what, in Buddhist philosophy, is called the One Life or Spirit.

The ascetic then, purified and perfected, begins to practise supernatural faculties. His son Percy is also listed as an author and born in India.

The three lower principles, it will be seen, are altogether of the earth, perishable in their nature as a single entity, though indestructible as regards their molecules, and absolutely done with by man at his death. It allows us to more fully appreciate the vastness of the universe and the enormous time spans involved in the evolution of our souls.

The following year,the Founders visited the Sinnetts at their summer home in Simla, the summer capital of India. Also in H. Then, before the vegetable organizations, there were mineral organizations, — for alffred a mineral is a product of Nature, an evolution from something behind it, as every imaginable manifestation of Nature must be, until in the vast series of manifestations, the mind travels back to the unmanifested beginning of all things.

There is no incompatibility in the spirit of the two views. Mineral forms may be mineral in the sense of not belonging to the higher forms of vegetable organism, and may yet be very immaterial as we think of matter, very ethereal, consisting of a very fine or subtle quality of matter, in which the other pole or characteristic of Nature, spirit, largely predominates. Even by the calculation already foreshadowed, it will be seen that the time spent by each individual unit in physical life can only be a small fraction of the whole time he has to get through between his arrival on earth and his departure for the next planet.

In November Mr Sinnett was advised that the proprietors peecy The Pioneer no longer needed his services as Editor, on account of his connection with the Theosophists and his pro-Indian leanings since he had come into contact with them.


We speak of civilizations of the ante-glacial period, and not only in the minds of the vulgar and the profane, but even in the opinion of the highly-learned geologist, the claim prcy preposterous. Man, says the Darwinian, was once an ape.

Alfred Percy Sinnett

A good deal of this is dimly set forth in occult writing; but very little of this is of the least use to readers who take up the subject without previous knowledge acquired independently of books. He has attained that love of humanity as a whole which transcends the love alfrsd the Maya or illusion which constitutes the separate human creature for the limited being on the lower levels of evolution.

Hitherto this sacredness has always prescribed their absolute concealment from the profane herd. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. In Sinnett wrote his book, Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky, and although Blavatsky did help him by providing information, the work does contain a number of errors of fact which have been pointed out by later writers.

If one existence only were passed in each branch race the total number would obviously bebut each life descends at least twice into objectivity in the same prrcy — each monad, in other words, incarnates twice in each branch race. Sinnett was the first Theosophical novelist; very soon after Esoteric Buddhism there appeared his novel, Karma, which went into several editions, and also a second less well known novel, United.

It would have been little able to search out and ascertain the manner in which the human race has evolved through eons of time and series of planets, if it had not been in a position to ascertain also as the smaller inquiry is included in the greater, the manner in which the wave alfrsd humanity with which we are now concerned has been developed on this earth.

They returned to India the same year and on May 16,a son, called Denny, was born. That the adept seeks to unite his soul with God, that he may thereby pass into Nirvana, is a statement that conveys no definite meaning to the ordinary reader, and the more he examines it with the help of ordinary books alred methods, the less likely will he be to realize the nature of the process contemplated, or of the condition desired. It would have been premature to begin with them, but as soon as the idea of a system of worlds in a chain, and of life evolution on each through a series of rebirths, is satisfactorily grasped, the further examination of the laws at work will be greatly facilitated by precise reference to the actual number of worlds and the actual number of rounds and races required to accomplish the whole purpose of the system.

To begin at the beginning, we should endeavour to realize the state of the universe before evolution sets in.

The higher evolution will be accomplished by our progress through the successive worlds of the system; and in higher forms we shall return to this earth again and again. I need not repeat the story. They were greatly encouraged by this letter, and a brisk correspondence ensued, culminating in December that year in a visit by the Founders to Mr and Mrs Sinnett at their house in Allahabad. Olcott, at Allahabad, on December 4,and both Sinnetts joined the Society on December 26, Its theory of physics and its theory of spirituality are not only reconcilable with each other, they are intimately blended together and interdependent.

But it is also said: But none the less, if the whole group of such changes is treated as a unity, does it form one of a higher series of changes.


Barker and published in The impulses of human reason assert themselves more and more strongly. I doubt if in any other way the ideas to be dealt with could so well be brought within the grasp of the mind, but it is easy, when they once are grasped, to translate them into terms of idealism. He represents to himself, in thought, another body created from this material body — a body with a form, members, and organs.

The Oriental nomenclature is far more elaborate, but metaphysical Sanskrit seems to be painfully embarrassing to a translator — the fault, my Indian friends assure me, not of Sanskrit, but of the language in which they are now required to express the Sanskrit ideal. It has also been said, the sixth principle is notin us; it hovers over us; it is a something that the highest aspirations of our nature must work up towards.

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett. No confusion need arise; but, strictly speaking, the linga sharira, or third principle, is the astral body, and that cannot be sent about as the vehicle of the higher principles. That which has a definite beginning generally has an end also. It is interesting to note that each one of the two Englishmen, who had the privilege of instruction from the Masters in the early days, A.

As the complete scheme of Nature that we belong to is worked out by means of a series of rounds sweeping through all the worlds, so the development of humanity on each world is worked out by a series of races developed within the limits of each world in turn. Directly conceptions, so transcendental as some of those included in this analysis, are set forth in a tabular statement, they seem to incur certain degradation, against which, in endeavouring to realize clearly what is meant, we must be ever on our guard.

Remember, the occult scientists know this as a fact, just as the physical scientists know for a fact that the spectrum consists of seven colours, and the musical scale of seven tones. Darwinian writings have taught the modern world to regard the ape as an ancestor, but the simple conceit of Western speculation has rarely permitted European evolutionists to look in the other direction, and recognize the probability, that to our remote descendants we may be, as that unwelcome progenitor to us.

By temperament he was drawn to science, and, being a keen student of chemistry, he had a laboratory of his own. The third and fourth did — strange as it may seem to some modern readers to contemplate the notion of civilisation on the earth several millions of years ago. In Sinnett was forced to resign as editor of The Pioneer, apparently because his Indian sympathies did not find approval on the part of the proprietors. The specific forms of the mineral kingdom, the crystals and differentiated rocks are but bubbles in the seething mass assuming partially individualized forms for a time, and rushing again into the general substance of the growing cosmos, not yet true individualities.

They pass several times round the whole circle as minerals, and then again several times round as vegetables, and several times as animals.