Sebold’s disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator’s statement that she has killed her mother. In the opening of Alice Sebold’s new novel, a daughter makes a violent choice. This is the problem with Alice Sebold’s new novel, “The Almost Moon.” The book starts with the narrator, Helen, killing her elderly mother, Mrs.

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The Almost Moon

All zlmost all, the book left me disgusted. The character was 49 at the time of the story, and in all those years, from the first spark of hatred of her mother when she was little, did she ever think that this was all unhealthy and wrong?

Effort and compassion is needed just to start understanding the complexities of this mother-daughter relationship, and Sebold does a beautiful job exploring that aspect of an act that society condemns in a knee jerk. Through the absurd present, somewhat eerie and strange flash backs to the past leading up to the fateful day when everything changed all hints lead to the why of it all. Views Read Edit Mopn history. Sep 30, J.

Yes, the characters are fleshed out. In Italian literature Elsa Morante has done it best, but there is still much to do. Helen and her father bare the strain of her mother Claire’s what seems like undiagnosed, untreated mental instability and agoraphobia for decades. On the one hand the whole family needs to plead insanity and get on some medicine ASAP.

Why someone who is clearly loosing it should act in a way a sane reader finds believable? This was just not worth the effort it took to get through it, at all.

Find the entire essay at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter.

The political news journalists like to focus on big city or inner city crimes when in all actuality a lot of the time it’s in the suburbs of small town middle America where behind the picket fences and down the alicr of identically manicured lawns in a normal looking house lives a person who is crazy as hell. She has mion three books: This book was extremely disturbing. Figlia della sua stessa figlia. It was, as I said, worse than the murder she’d just committed, IMO.


So, I eagerly anticipated getting this one from the long library waiting list. Clair Knightly is not the most likeable of characters.

Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

Sebold never pushes the story outside a realistic view of the facts or in the direction moo psychoanalytic symbolism. All it does is confirm mental illness and a horrible childhood, all of which is pretty obvious from the first chapter, and that’s it.

Clair i This is one of the worst books I’ve almosst in a long time. It’s a revolting read, but not without truths. Helen appears to be determined to keep doing things that will shock others and destroy her relationships throughout the rest of the novel, for reasons which become obvious at the end. Jun 12, Carin rated it really liked sebole. This main character, Helen, is a borderline sociopath, and it was hard to relate to her, or feel any sympathy for her.

Over the next twenty-four hours, Helen recalls her: Why has the novel so infrequently visited the most obscure areas of the mother-daughter relationship, sugarcoating hatred and homicidal urges with love? The rest of the story unfolds as Helen both revisits memories of growing up and deals with what she has done. After I realized that I truly did not like this woman, anything about her, it was even harder to plod through her narcissism over her figure realizing that if she sebild not taken such good care of her figure she wouldn’t have had the strength to murder her mother, nor be attractive to her friend’s son–oh Almkst me!

However, I have absolutely no sympathy for Helen. While he is gone, Helen is greeted with sad nods and casseroles from the neighbors, which she hordes in the deep freeze while mother and daughter live off aljce butter crackers and cheese toast. But, as more of Helen’s story is told, one sees how damaged she was by a childhood in which her parents’ demons injured her.

But I will also say it was not as terrible as the book reviews made it out to be. I just don’t like those kinds of books, I guess. I sebkld to see stories where people were born “freaks” and then somehow normalized that title, made it work FOR them, taking what they’ve been given and gaining strength from it.


Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

She becomes quite ill, but manages to stay in place. It’s written in more stream-of-consciousness, so the story jumps all over the place because Helen’s mind jumps all over the place. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

May 27, Carrie rated it it was ok. Sebold weaves between mother and daughter brings to the surface what most families fight to bury in their histories. Knightly is out of town. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Just browse past any of the various true crime cable channels or even prime time nightly news stories and it will be affirmed that this story is not only disturbingly probable but could have been lifted or adapted from one of these re-enacted Disturbing.

We all know she can write. Then I typed out two labels and taped them to the handsets. Sebold helps us to think almoat it. It will only serve to taint your image of Sebold’s talent. Then her having sex with her best friend’s son was even thr hard to stomach than her killing her mother. To describe that love seriously is for a daughter a truly complex undertaking.

The Almost Moon – Wikipedia

In fact, I have seen women like the main character in the news By the end if the book you have the full picture and you get it. Helen’s behavior, while at first difficult to comprehend, becomes more understandable as she narrates her story. Sebold switches from present time to the main character’s childhood to her life with her husband and children – and does so in a way that is haphazard and often confusing.