The plot of Tampa, a debut novel by Alissa Nutting, is simple: Celeste Price – 26 years old, married, affluent, gorgeous – has just been hired as. Alissa Nutting’s publisher has borrowed from the same playbook to promote her first novel, “Tampa”: a black cover with bold red letters. A novel based on the true story of a teacher seducing a schoolboy has less to it than meets the eye, argues Duncan White.

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This is one of those books that’s almost impossible to rate. Reviewers have called Alissa Nutting’s controversial first novel, Tampa, “desperate to jump on the Fifty Shades of Grey gravy chain” and “relentlessly graphic. Everything else in her life is an impediment, including her husband Ford, a police officer with family money.

It was like going under anesthesia—once I was inside it, I felt like I had alssa make the most of it because it was so difficult to go in and out. I’m not going to nhtting into the logistics of this, nor will I argue this in the comments section. I quite liked the language.

Despite all of the above there is a seam of dark humour running throughout the novel. So my question is, why? And that’s why what I thought would be a four or maybe three star rating is now bumped to five stars because I can’t stop thinking about it.

Nutting has got so thoroughly inside her protagonist’s head that there is nothing the narrative shies away from – it’s seriously explicit, and conservative critics of the book are bound to speculate on what this says about the author and why she would have written this story when she could have chosen any other subject.

I try to stay off the Internet and surround myself with comfort in whatever inexplicable ways I can. Aug 05, Brie rated it did not like it. Being inside Believe me, I can easily understand all the negative reactions to this book but I can’t help but find it absolutely fascinating.

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It was a gripping read and I’ll be interested to read whatever Alissa Nutting writes next. The numbers could never be as favorable as they were right now, when his naivety would be subtracted from my experience to produce the largest sum of astonishment possible. This is a book that divides you all the way through and would make for a brilliant book club discussion.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting, review

Would love to alkssa It doesn’t get reported as often as adult males abusing underage girls, because a lot of male victims are too ashamed to admit that they were at all hurt, upset or confused by the whole experience. When Celeste’s preferred boy turns fifteen, she wonders whether it would be wise to tactfully introduce him to anti-ageing creams; many of the fantasies she tapma are ridiculous, in a bizarro sort of way, rather than actually being sexual aforementioned boy appearing in the form of a giant and crushing her car with his gargantuan penis is just one example.

The fantastic cover of the UK edition which I’m kind of surprised they got away with – but then, the cover is nothing compared tampw the content, I suppose cemented my certainty that I had to read this. People are going to have LOTS to say about this book.

He wanted me despite knowing what that meant about him. To me, this is a very relatable thing. If so, please note you are getting turned on by descriptions of a 26 alussa old female teacher and a just turned 14 year old boy.

Tampa (novel) – Wikipedia

They closed their eyes to avoid awkward nuttijg faces, slipped lingerie made for models and mannequins onto wholly imperfect bodies. But Celeste is so awful that her adolescent-directed lust is almost the least of her flaws. Morning noon and night. Celeste is a kook. Sure, Celeste could’ve been more sympathetic in the vein of Humbert. Tampa started off brilliantly. The detail of sexual content gained mixed reactions from critics.


The satire no longer worked and the shock-factor was so overused that I’d apissa reacting to the many blowjob scenes. Yet it ended up in my hands, and I read it, cover to cover. So our narrator is Celeste Price – 26, blond, beautiful and a pedophile. Beautiful people often get away with murder or in this case, sexual battery.

Nutting attended the same Nutfing high school as Debra Lafave, who, inachieved notoriety for seducing one of her year-old students. Did you expect the backlash, and how are you coping with it? Beyond these similarities, we are dealing with a far more vicious animal this go-around.

Jack accidentally sees the pair having sex atmpa runs off to his bedroom. If you are triggered easily with graphic sexual language and content, than don’t go anywhere near this book. Doesn’t that make it okay? And the whole enterprise is lent piquancy by its links to a real scandal. Nutting does not hold back; we are privy to Celeste’s every sexual encounter and darkest desire.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting – review

The controversy that has greeted the book is equally predictable. She has a filthy mind and an airbrushed body, less a person than a synthetic product of male fantasy. Thanks for telling us about the problem.