Played the first edition of the game (Operation Overlord). Perfectly decent set of rules – I think the way the game uses the order cards with. The second expansion adds a new level of realism, with its tables of different gun calibres, plus new rules enabling you to deploy entire platoons of armoured. Was talking to my local hobbyshop owner about a little label that appears on some 1/72 WW2 figures packaging. A rules set similar to FOW but.

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It is not perfectly suited to FOW pieces because a squad is represented as 3 stands, not two. Is it superceded by Chain of Command? Your satisfaction is always our top priority. We also found that without a scenario then games can get bogged down as units find ‘safe’ firing positions and don’t have an incentive to move the card system makes maneuver in the open very risky!

For me an alternative means that I can use forces currently based for that rule set and in that scale of play.

Chain of Command is platoon level. For platoon level we have Assault Platoon that use the same mechanics… link Bye Valentino.


Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Please don’t assume anything – if you have any questions, feel free to contact us before bidding.

We’ve modified FoW and 40K scenarios as they seem to work reasonably well with a bit of tweaking. Less gamey, but simple rules. If you have a model related collection for sale please contact us. We play Rapid Fire 2, ‘cept we still use the artillery template form RF1.

First use the rules that you are enjoying. One stand will represent one squad. Returns If you want to return the item you have 14 days. There is a very good website at Iron Ivan games and a great discussion group on yahoo “Iron Ivan games”.

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Yup — almost like reenacting — the rules are so old: So is Look Sarge No Charts. Sorry – only verified members can post on the forums.

Italeri Upgrade Vehicle Rules for Alzo Zero Wargame 6702

Item must be returned in the same condition it was sent. And though not completely necessary, I prefer rules that are available in printed form, not something I have to download and print or get via Lulu, etc. Units are Companies grouped into battalions. If an item is returned to us in case of a mistake in address or person not found in given address or for any reason which is not related to us, the buyer would be obligated to pay for shipping again.

We have a ball. I’ve never played Battleground WW2 but have heard good things about it. CD and RF are the same, except the writers don’t state it. All members in good standing are free to post here. I played them as a 12 year old after all. Please message us before starting a return process, so we might resolve the issue in a quicker fashion, with the option of replacement item or credit. One of the responants above mentioned that the cards can slow the game down.

We did a game with 6 squad sized units on one side, and that taxed it to the limit for us the limit is — game must finish in less than 3 hours.

Alzo Zero Wargame – WargamerAU Forums

Based on your constraints, Rapid Fire, Command Decision and Spearhead do not belong in either category. For platoon level we have Assault Platoon that use the same mechanics….

I’ll also add two rules from the past that are not as ‘current’ but still available. Out of Print and more “archaic” rules, in my view, would not be alternatives. Payment Payment is required within 5 days after the auction had closed. A new edition of PBI is apparently coming out rulew, very soon. Erickson Metal Express metal-express. Now that’s a fun way to “live in the past”.


Italeri Upgrade Vehicle Rules for Alzo Zero Wargame

Your Feedback is important to us! Is Also Zero zreo worth trying to play with? Another good source of these models BTW is the largest online and mail order hobby service in the US: Yes, Crossfire is definitely available again. Unbelievable place, and their monthly newsletter, chock full of bargains, is better than the Lane Bryant catalog every month!!!

All our products are in actual stock. Failure to do so will place you at risk for receiving a Non-Paying Bidder filing which can ultimately lead to suspension from eBay. I watched a video review of command decision. But the Alzo Zero card system does really give them a kick.

Zerk package also contains specific rules for smoke bombs, transported troops, and a lot more. BTW, if you play with these rules, get your gaming table full with terrain, for tanks are mighty with these rules. Both would fall under BA’s category:. You can’t play a large scale game with this system. If you have extenuating circumstances on sending payment, you must notify us immediately of the expected date of payment. Payment is required within 5 days after the auction had closed.

Hard copy of the rules can be purchased directly from “Two Hour Wargamers”.