Declaratia unica de plata se va depune anul viitor, pana la 31 martie, doar in format electronic, accesand Spatiul Public Virtual al ANAF. ANAF Answer: As in the year in forms and can be what is the minimum threshold for which I am required to deposit Decl in year INS (24) BNR (24) curs valutar (24) Euro (24) businesses (18) ANAF (18) credite (18) firme (14) keysfin (14) afaceri (14) profit (12) bancar (12) ROBOR (12).

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Din 2019, Declaraţia unică de plată se depune online. Ce paşi trebuie urmaţi

Nu ca as fi facut cine stie ce retrageri, din contra, dar de cand cu retinerea la sursa, retrag in voie fara sa imi pese de fiscalitate si birocratie. Aici vom completa doar subpunctul 1. Salut, Am incarcat declaratia, dar imi apare o eroare la recipisa: If you continue to carry out an independent activity and the yearand the monthly income made inis lower than the minimum gross base wage per country, you do not have the obligation to pay the health insurance contribution.

Employee with income of more than lei at the same time I do and an independent activity whose estimated net profit is below the ceiling of 12 minimum wages per economy in I will pay for the economic activity cobtributia to health. Natural persons who derive income from self-employment from one or more sources of income, owing to the contribution of social security if the net income achieved in the preceding year in relation to the number of months of activity during the year, is At least equal to the minimum gross basic salary level per country in force in January of the year for which the contribution is established.

Chiar sus scrie pe declaratie perioada de raportare anul Life of Kostas …. Nu, e bine Precedent Cum completam Declaratia Unica pentru retragerile online. In the substantiation note, it was stipulated that the employee fulfilling and the quality of the employed are exempt from the payment of contributions for the… then when published it disappeared this paragraph… my dilemma is DC I have to pay as a salaried and as an employee Doctor I do not go as Pfa…ci of PF… Thanks!


As in the year in forms and can be submitted online or on paper support. Next Post Happy New Year and here we go again! Yes, they pay contributions for both income categories. Vezi mai multe comentarii. My Secret Garden in ….

Scrie la inceputul articolului: Find in the article The addition models of the unique declaration for the income norm, rents and dividends. Secl income — Calculation, contributions, declaration.

Pai stati ca se calculeaza. Myths about All Inclusive …. Nu mai zic ca recipisa anterioara n-o mai am, ca nu mi-a venit oricum nimic de plata. Rent income — Calculation, contributions, …. Uploadez pe link-ul de mai sus, eroare tehnica. Celelalte subpuncte, de la 1. For the yearif the person earning income from wages carries out annual income from dividends at least equal to 12 gross minimum basic salaries per country, due to the contribution of health insurance and for those latter income.

Guardiola, speriat de echipa lui Klopp: Comutare meniu Comutare cautare. The contribution of social security is due to whether the net income incurred in the preceding year, excluding the expenditure of the social security contribution, in relation to the number of months of activity during the year, is at least equal to the level Minimum gross basic salary per country in force in January of the year for which the contribution is established.

This post is also available in: Dividend income was obtained in over lei. De data asta, am salvat totul intr-un excel, inclusiv cat am retras si de unde, plus fisierul completat plus recipisa, plus indexul. Ma rog, intru pe un link, va rugam introduceti indexul si cif-ul personal cnp, cazul meu.


O sa fiti surprinsi dar si contabilii sunt uameni. David Home Resurse Impozit.

Din , Declaraţia unică de plată se depune online. Ce paşi trebuie urmaţi |

Este extrem de simplu: Am fost acum cateva luni la ghiseu, doamna, vreau sa va dau bani, dar nu am instiintare de plata. Sweet Surprise from Springtime. Only if you start an independent activity in the year will consider the estimated income in Nu, aia e doar pentru firme. So the minimum threshold for which there is the obligation to pay the contributions is represented by the level of monthly incomes made in compared with lei the minimum gross basic salary per country for Ian.

Share your opinion with us: Am completat declaratia unica online, am trimis-o, dar cand intru sa revad in sectiunea mesaje din contul de la anaf. For the yearincome from agricultural activities shall be determined on the basis of rules of income or in real system according to the income category to be carried out. Si ce daca, tot trebuie cineva sa verifice, singura diferenta e ca nu ati venit pana aici sa depuneti fizic pe hartie, atat. Or is it optional?

Tutorial mod completare declaratie unica pentru pariuri online

Of declarations and are submitted online with electronic signature or on paper support? Inseamna ca ai bifat rectificativa din greseala. Le-am depus amaf acum he-he-heeee!!!

Sibiu — the room with …. It is not a double taxation because the contributions are determined differently for each income category. Ultimele decizii luate de organizatorii Australian Open. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pragurile de impozite percepute la fiecare retragere sunt: