The ANC held its 52nd National Conference at the University of Limpopo in Polokwane from December Jacob Zuma was elected as ANC President. General assessment of resolutions. The ANC’s 52nd National Conference ( Polokwane, December ) took resolutions that: * effectively. I am honoured to welcome you to this 52nd National Conference of the . The Economic Resolutions of the 51st National Conference were.

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There are a number of reasons for our growing success in rolling back poverty – the most important factors are the increase in employment and the resoluyions in social grants over this period. Baleka Mbete withdrew her candidacy after receiving Sexwale’s endorsement for the rewolutions of Chairperson. The 51st National Conference agreed that we should strengthen our State Owned Enterprises where necessary.

Further to improve our public health fesolutions, various programmes are being implemented which include the further expansion of the health infrastructure, hospital revitalisation, the re-opening of Nursing Colleges, expanding training and employment of nurses, social workers and auxiliaries, increasing the number of training institutions, improving the quality of training, instituting a bursary system and continuing to improve the conditions of service of all health workers. Ramaphosa and the strange workings of ANC democracy Land in black hands: It also indicates an increase in all other groups LSM 4 to In this regard, the uptake of the Finance-linked subsidy, introduced inhas been steadily increasing especially in mixed income developments such as Cosmocity and Olievenhoutbosch in the Gauteng Province, for example.

Conferencd, schools in the townships and rural areas now play less and less sport than in previous years.

At the same time, it is important to reflect on our own role, as the structures of the movement, with regard to this important matter of intensifying campaigns against crime, especially on the matters of illegal weapons, drugs, corruption, abuse of women and children and family violence.

As we know, the state owned enterprises are responsible for a huge share of the major investments we are making in infrastructure and energy. We agreed that we needed to phase-out the commando units.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While we are progressing, our rate of progress is unacceptably low, and we cannot take our eyes off the empowerment challenge. The conference also amended the ANC’s constitution to increase the size of the NEC from 66 to 86, including the top six officials, and to enforce equal male and female representation in the NEC.


Towards the Realization of Schooling Party calls for school principals to be appointed on merit, matric pass requirements to be examined. Public spending has risen by around 9.

ANC conference resolution: On education and health – PARTY | Politicsweb

Leaders Secretary-General — S. We need to assert the fact that South Africa is an African country with an identity other than that imposed by colonialism and apartheid and that this should be reflected in the geographic names. By the start of the conference, however, it was clear that the party was deeply divided into Mbeki and Zuma camps.

There are various continuing programmes that are intended to raise awareness against crime, including in particular against women and children, such as the 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children. No conflict of interest in son’s involvement – Angie Motshekga. From that position he would be in a very strong position to become the country’s next president in The major strategy to reduce poverty and inequality is to enable the economy to create jobs.


52nd National Conference of the African National Congress

Such measures can include the following:. As investments continue to rise in mining, manufacturing and services, the nationa truly disappointing sector in recent years has been agriculture.

The beginning of the conference was filled with cheers and jeers for the rival candidates for the presidency.

A funding model informed by the report of the Ramaphosa Commission is biased in favour of the Historically Disadvantaged Institutions of Higher Learning. This matter of self-image also manifests itself in the Freedom Park Monument currently under construction, which will serve as a great tribute to our struggle for freedom but also to the dignity of our people and all human beings.

The SANDF has embarked conferenve a training programme that conferencr the youth, ensuring that these new recruits have the requisite skills. More than 10 national departments are now at various stages of National Youth Service implementation.

There are few recreational facilities. As we may have noticed, the average pass rate at the Matriculation level has risen from around 50 percent in the mid to late s to 65 to 75 percent today.

This puts the current interest rate of Out of commando units that were in existence, only 9 have yet to be phased out. The increase is also the result of major efforts on the part of government to cover the many people that are eligible for these social assistance grants.


52nd National Conference of the African National Congress – Wikipedia

Its total came to Eskom has already taken about learners as interns and apprentices. Black ownership of the economy as a whole remains very low; a recent survey put black ownership of the economy at about 12 percent, which is a considerable improvement since which was probably about half of that level, though we do not have good data for that year. What do they expect!

Accordingly, my task this morning is to present this comprehensive statement. At the same time, there are schools, especially in the rural areas, that still experience unacceptably high levels of overcrowding, with some of our resolutuons still attending school in dilapidated and unhealthy buildings, as well as under trees.

We dare not disappoint their expectations.

In the sphere of local economic development, our biggest step forward has been that we are now improving the alignment of the Integrated Development Plans at the local level with the Provincial Growth and Development Strategies and the National Spatial Development Perspective. It is intended that every year one thousand members will receive training from these facilities. These allocations are expected to lead to an increase in enrolment of students by and the production of more graduates.

We hope that other sporting codes, such as soccer, will learn from the Rugby team both with regard to the passion when it comes to our national anthem as well as their commitment in the field of play.

Universities were restructured in a challenging programme to remove apartheid inequities; we are now able to focus more attention natiional improving and expanding the university system.

The result is that, although poverty is significantly down, reolutions remains very high. I will therefore now proceed to report on the matter of the state of the nation with regard to the continuing struggle to defeat poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment within the context of the Resolutions adopted at our previous National Conferences.