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So at this early stage we wasted a little time due to my “naivite” and optimism.

Tattooing A to Z: the Tattoo Portraits Collection

So, in addition to a new project on his chest that would connect the black and grey sleeve on his right arm to the colour piece on his left arm, creating a sort of union between the black and grey organic elements and the coloured mechanical elements, we added other gashes on his left arm making it fuller, more dynamic and tidy. This client has proven to be more mature than many adults. After taking a few minutes to relax and taking a good look at the design it was clear that there was no way to fix it without having to redraw the Hatter, with the consequent risk of distorting it.

Please find here below an English subtitled version of the interview together with the translation of the mini interview that complements the video.

Having to study contrasts and lights each time was annuaeio but very fulfilling. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As much as we did well during the last sitting, we managed to catch up during the following one. A very common attitude that goes from designer brands ahnuario tattoos, following their mass distribution. Despite us both being very eager to start, it seemed that fate had something to say. At this point in their creative path it becomes normal to turn down uninspiring requests that would steal time and energy from their artistic growth.

It took me 2 hours to draw and 3 to do the outlines. What’s more, during the drawing process I got so carried away that I overlooked the fact that the Mad Hatter’s head was turned towards the back annuaroi the calf. Once again, after working without any problems, at the stroke of the third hour his pain tolerance abandoned us.

Stay tuned to discover more soon!

In fact, it increases the sense of frustration for something that you know could have been better. The Italian Tattoo Artists Yearbook is a encyclopedia of Italian tatuwtori and an absolute tatautori on the tattoo scene.


Courtesy of Martin Schmetzer But when it comes to writing a verse or a slogan in 4 mm small letters, with a font taken from the computer expressing a concept more useless than mundane, simply because you think that a tattoo artist, for a fee, must fulfill any request just like a regular slave, then you will have to settle for a tattoo artist of “that” level.

But we were slowly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel: Among various options, I considered a biomechanical to be the most suitable one.

But personally I found the idea of the classical anthropomorphic demon to be old and unoriginal. Putting something beautiful next to something extremely ugly tends to steal focus from the beautiful giving it to the ugly. It is no coincidence that I often use him as an example with clients who worry about the time and economic management of a tattoo, especially when it comes to large pieces.

A minimal representation of what mothers give us: After careful deliberation the customer decided that it was worth it. Please find here below the link to the article. I suggested to focus on just a few characters and eventually exclude Alice from the piece.

Ho iniziato a destrutturare e ricostruire a mio modo le immagini classiche mischiando i soggetti con gli sfondi, i soggetti con altri soggetti e introducendo allo stesso tempo i pattern e il puntinato.

He has returned to painting inand to watercolour in particular, which he had abandoned following his studies at Belle Arti to devote himself entirely to the art of tattoos. One of my tattoos is among them. The second session turned out to be more challenging than expected.

A year later this guy came to see me, this time he wanted to get italisni tattoo across the back. If a lettering is absolutely necessary then let it be a work of art, verbally and graphically, something that decorates the body and not a sort of self vandalization.

I stopped him immediately, tatuatoru an image like that in such a small area hoping to get something good out of it was simply unthinkable!

#enzobranditattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

I was confident that he would agree with me once I had shown him the drawings of the great Czech artist, and so it was. We keep a close eye on international developments and our many contributors the world over ensure we always have a fresh take on what is going on in the world of tattoo and everything that revolves around this art form. I do not investigate, I like to look around and take inspiration from everything around me to create something new.


To contact me please fill the form below.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano

This is why I decided to name this piece “Libera nos a malo” Deliver us from evil in Latin. After doing two sleeves of which I was proud, I couldn’t understand how he could think I would be willing to copy someone else’s horrible tattoo, and even less how he could even want to tattoo an important part of his body such as the back with that stuff, that besides not having anything to do with the other tattoos he was “wearing” was definitely of poor quality.

Needless to say, that is NOT the case. Now that common society has sanctioned the practice of tattooing many tend to imitate the same styling cues, including letterings, that have been used for decades, if not centuries.

Click on images to enlarge then navigate using arrow keys or swipe on mobile. And then we give them total freedom, laying out the material in a simple clean format, shining the spotlight on what really counts for us too: Many famous actors, singers, sport and football champions are clients of his tattoo studio. Only registered users can write reviews.

I’m honored to have been interviewed by EMP Italia. The background had been an issue right from the very start. An afterlife that he imagines to be as serene as an ocean at sunset, situation in which he feels in harmony with the universe, therefore it’s also a representation of the newfound peace after the dramatic mourning.

The outlines had already been done but I still had to add shading to almost half of the piece so I thought I would have needed more time. A pretty childish and ignorant model, though perhaps it belongs to human behavior more than tatkatori can imagine. Anyhow, the work turned out to be a success and he is happy tayuatori the end result which required 10 additional sessions for an average of approx. Un tatuatore e il suo stile: