Anredera cordifolia is an evergreen Perennial Climber growing to 9 m (29ft) by m (0ft 8in) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 9 and is frost tender. Common Name: Madeira Vine. Anredera cordifolia. Flowering plant. Photograph by: Shepherd, R.C.H.. Image credit to Australian National Botanic Gardens. Habit, Anredera cordifolia (Madeira vine, mignonette vine, uala hupe); typical habit, climbing and smothering native vegetation. Ulupalakua.

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Use this form to submit more information on this species or report mistakes in this webpage. This plant does not produce fruit in Africa. Madeira vine can climb 40 m into the tree canopy, smothering and collapsing mature trees. Basionym or principal synonyms: Section of this page where you found an error select one.

National Plant Data Center. Distinctive greyish-brown or greenish-coloured warty tubers cm long, but usually cm long often form at the joints nodes along the older stems. Established plants have some drought tolerance.

Scientific name

Culture Winter hardy to USDA Zones where this vine is easily grown in humusy, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Locations in Malta or Gozo where you have seen this plant.


New tuber coming into growth whilst still on plant Photograph by: Growth rates of stems in warmer and moister regions can exceed 1 metre per week and up to 6 metres in a growing season.

It is most problematic in moist forests, rainforest margins and riparian zones banks of watercourses ; where it has the ability to establish under an intact canopy and can quickly engulf native species. Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Anredera cordifolia

Three adventive phanerogams new to Senegal. Science for Conservation Madeira Vine, Heartleaf madeiravine. EPPO Bulletin 36 3 Please note that all images are copyright of the author. A comparison of the effects of foliar applications of glyphosate and fluroxypyr on Madeira vine, Anredera cordifolia Ten.

This page was last edited on 25 Julyat Controlling Madeira vine requires exhaustion of the tuber bank. Impact assessment and analysis of sixty-six priority invasive weeds in south-east Queensland.

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Sheldon Navie a seedling, or more accurately a “tuberling” Photo: Bishop Museum Special Publication Sheldon Navie habit climbing a tree Anrexera Once established Madeira vine is very difficult to control.


It can be trained to twine up trellises, fences, or rock walls for decoration or for screening.

Submit further info on this species. Not listed as a noxious weed by the state or governments in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Predicted impact of exotic vines on an endangered ecological community under future climate aneedera.

Anredera cordifolia – Wikipedia

Scraping of Madeira must be done gently to avoid severing the vine. Extracts of plant parts are also widely used for traditional medicines in Indonesia and Thailand and possibly also in its native range.

The cordifoli infraspecific taxa in A. Back to Previous Page. This vine is a source of food edible leaves and tubers. The petals mm long are fleshy, persistent, turn dark brown or black in colour with age.