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AR United States Army Officer Candidate School [United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR – United States Army Officer Candidate School. This new regulation–. o Incorporates the information from AR o Eliminates the offer of a.

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The web-based DL is organized into three sequential phases, and consists of nine blocks of instruction, with one or moreexaminations graded by the faculty within the CGSC, Department 3550-51 Distance Education. Prior service personnel may be awarded up to six weeksof equivalent or constructive credit for basic training based on training received or time served from previous service.

The initial training program for chaplains and chaplain candidates providesinitial military, officer and chaplaincy-unique religious leader development training and education for chaplains andchaplain candidates.

Assist TRADOC to identify individual tasks required for leaders and principal staff positions, and apply doctrine andArmy mission changes to institutional and unit training. Provide leader, technical, and tactical training that affords Soldiers and Civilians an opportunity to zr the skillsand knowledge needed to perform more complex duties and missions of greater responsibility.

Brigade special troops battalion commands. Medical United States Paperback Books. Agency for International Development and three international officers usually from the United Kingdom, Canada, andGermany.

Do you have a question about Army regulation? Brigade and battalion command selectees. Army Education Center personnel will assist Soldiers in obtaining documentation for non-traditionallearning from civilian schools.

Education and training evaluationArmy training and education evaluation applies to courses, products, and institutions. Individual-student training records will be maintained by the school for at least 12 months after the completion oftraining 24 months for Soldiers 350-1 from a course. Review and evaluate new or revised doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures prepared by other Army agencies,other services, and other nations.

In cases where an immediate utilization tour is not possible, HRC will make every effort to meet the requirementwithin 5 years of graduation from the SON assignment. Officers will submit compassionate, medical and operational deferment requests with supporting information throughcommand 530-51 to: Regular Army commanders whocannot attend prior to assuming command require Vice Chief of Staff of the Army approval.


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Unit commanders will ensure that students enrolled in training are eligible, meet all course prerequisites, and are incompliance with Army standards. Support training and leadership research. Soldiers flagged for Army Physical Fitness Test APFT failure or body fat composition will not be selected, sched-uled, or attend institutional training.

Proponents of functional training courses may require anAPFT, as either an entrance or graduation requirement, regardless of their length. Exercise responsibility on matters pertaining to medical training.

Best Selling in Other Books See all. United States Paperback Books in Marshall. Requests must be received 45 days prior to requested report date to ensure proper staffing and adequate time fornotification of the officer. After unit 3500-51, the proponent school will provide the unit commander alist of all Soldiers in the unit that have received either full or partial MOS credit.

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You may also like. WOs are encouraged to obtainbaccalaureate degrees prior to promotion to CW4 and to obtain advanced degrees to further enhance their qualificationsand abilities. Be the first to write a review. Further details on maintaining training records are foundin appendix F.

These Program Learning Objectives delineate crit-ical fields of knowledge and appropriate jurisdictions of practice for the resident and distance students to master. A general officer endorsement. This course acquaints these Army officers with the legal responsibilities and issues commonly facedby garrison, brigade and battalion commanders.

At a minimum,proposals to incorporate a foreign military school into SON will include: Develop, evaluate, and train leader, technical, and tactical tasks that focus on missions for the size or type units ororganizations to which graduates will be assigned. CES constructive course credit is not granted for theFoundation Course.

Soldiers who fail to achieve course standards a second time are not eligible to enroll in any PMEcourses for 1 year after the second failure. The Select Train Educate and Promote STEP enlisted career management process will ensure NCOs have the ap-propriate skills and knowledge required before assuming the duties and responsibilities of the next higher grade. Requests for exceptions to policy or for changes in training standards will be addressed to the proponent.


Commanders will schedule DL training that supports collec-tive training. Unit commanders at battalion or company level must maintain a record, certified by aqualified instructor for the tasks accomplished by each Soldier.

The Army University createsthe learning environment required to produce agile, adaptive and innovative leaders across the Total Force in support ofthe Army Operating Concept. TATS courseware ensures that all Army Soldiers, regardless of component,are trained to the same standard regardless of what component school conducts the training.

Intermediate-levelschools and colleges are: Commandants and commanders will make their final decision on dis-missals after considering the supporting Office of the Staff Judge Advocate recommendation.

Soldiers must arrive at theaforementioned courses of instruction with a copy of their current profile and a memorandum signed by their commanderstating the profile has been continuous and is a result of injuries sustained due to operational deployment.

A standardized common core is followed by branch or functional area credentialing, area of concentration AOC or technical follow-on phase. Typically these recommendationswill focus on programs of instruction to include phasingwaivers, instructor qualifications, TASS accreditation, and soforth.

Ar 350-51 : United States Army Officer Candidate School (2013, Paperback)

Departmental and International students. All Soldiers attending institutional training courses are expected to meet the physical readiness standards of this reg-ulation and body fat standards in accordance with AR —9.

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This instruction is taught by proponentqualified instructors that include proponent school instructors, qualified TASS instructors, or instructors who have beencertified by the proponent school. Selection for functional and specialty courses are linked to operational assignments thatrequire competency-based, knowledge, skills, abilities and other work-related requirements not trained in the OES,NCOES, or CES courses, as applicable.

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