In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Unlike the vast majority of writings, it is clear, concise, and elegantly written. The practical instructions are. The Arbatel de magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) is a Renaissance-period grimoire – a textbook of magic – and one of the. The Arbatel de magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) is a Renaissance-period grimoire – a textbook of magic – and one of the most influential.

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The number for Bethor is evidently 42 given that the total is see below and the fact that all the others are 7 less than their predecessor. It is convenient therefore to know and discern all differences of the wisdom of the Creator and the Creatures, that it may be certainly manifest unto us, what we ought to assume to our use of every thing, and that we may know in truth how and in what maner that may be done.

Pray therefore for a constant faith, and God will bring to pass all things in due season. I am asking those who write these articles, could you please re-read them before you post them? If therefore any of the Olympick spirits shall teach or declare that which his star to which he is appointed portendeth, nevertheless he can bring forth nothing into action, unless he be permitted by the Divine power.

I ask because you jump and go back way too much and it becomes confusing. The title itself indicates that the He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh very fair, and to be adorned with all beauty. Et habet Tomos nouem Aphorismorum septies septenorum.

Another Magick is, that which exerciseth their actions with the chief of the evil Spirits; such were they who wrought by the minor Gods of the heathens. He hath under him Legions: In all these, Zoroaster was well learned, especially in the first and highest: But if he have any knowledge in Magick, they will not be unwilling to shew him, and famil- arabtel to converse with him, and to serve him in those several ministeries, unto which they are addicted; the good Spirits in good things, unto salvation; the evil Spirits in every evil thing, to destruction.

And these secrets are either concerning things divine, natural or humane.

This translation, Download links are just below the donate button Book Description: Every Governour is able to do all things which are done naturally in a long time, out of matter before prepared; and also to do them suddenly, out of matter not before prepared. The first Law is this, That he know that such a Spirit is ordained unto him from God; and let him meditate that God is the beholder of all his thoughts and actions; therefore let him direct all the course of his life according to the rule prescribed in the word of God.


The Arbatel De Magia veterum English: The conclusion of the secret of secrets is, That every one exercise himself in prayer, for those things which he desires, and he shall not suffer a repulse.

Non nobis Domine non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam. Hagith governeth Venereous things.

And lastly he may sinne when the gifts of God are not had in that honour and esteeme as is required and as they ought to be. The fourth is, To be remote and cleer from all manner of superstition; for this is superstition, to attribute divinity in this place to things, wherein there is nothing at all divine; or to chuse or frame to our selves, to worship God with some kinde of worship which he hath not commanded: When it first appeared init attracted the attention of people with a surprisingly broad range of agendas, including some of the finest minds of the time.

Arbatel: The Magic of the Ancients – An Occult Grimoire with a Positive Message

Gohory, like Zwinger and Perna, was a Paracelsian. Secondly, Alwaies pray with David, Take not thy holy Spirit from me; and strengthen me magla thy free Spirit; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from 1. Use thy Gifts, be vigilant in thy Calling; and let the Word of God never depart from thy mouth.

Spunges, which attract all without distinguishing; Hour-glasses, which receive, and pour out as fast; Bags, which retain aebatel the dregs of Spices, and let the Wine escape; and Sieves, which retain the best onely. But he will not that we give holy things to dogs, nor despise and condemn the gifts of his treasury.

And the remainder of thy life do thou accomplish, demeaning thy self peaceably, to the honour of God, and the profit of thy self and thy neighbour. Therefore simplicity is chiefly to be studied, and the knowledge of such magix is to be sought for from God; otherwise by no other means or experience they can be found out. To keep the word of God, so that the evil one snatch it not out of the heart, is the chief- est precept of wisdom. The conclusion therefore of this Isagoge is the same which we have above already spoken of, That even as there is one God, from whence is all good; and one sin, to wit, disobedience, against the will of the commanding God, from whence comes all evil; so that the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom, and the profit of all Magick; for obedience to the will of God, followeth the fear of God; and after this, do follow the presence of God and of the holy Magiq, and the ministery of the holy Angels, and all good things out of the inexhaustible treasures of God.


There are other names of the Olympick spirits delivered by others; but they onely are effectual, which are delivered to any one, by the Spirit the revealer, visible or invisible: We are therefore to exercise our selves about spiritual things, with fear and trembling, and with great reverence towards God, and to be conversant in spiritual essences with gravity and justice. Therefore diligently and often read over and over the first Septenary of secrets, and guide and direct thy jagia and all thy thoughts according to those precepts; and all things shall yield to the desires of thy minde in the Lord, to whom thou trust- est.

Arbatel of Magick, Free PDF, ebook | Global Grey

He that is faithfully conversant in his vocation, shall have also the Spirits msgia companions of his desires, who will successively supply him in all things. The seventh division is, That the Spirits do serve some of their own accord, without art; others they will scarce attend, being called by art.

Alii per somnia aut alia signa agunt: Many people could not read so the words on the paper were inherently mysterious. Even as every one governeth himself, so he allureth unto himself Spirits of his nature and condition; but one very truely adviseth, that no man should carry himself beyond his own calling, lest that he draw unto himself some malignant Spirit from the uttermost parts of the earth, by whom either he shall be infatuated and deceived, or brought to final destruction. But the Lords of the Prince of a Kingdom do bestow the lesser Magistracies.

God requireth of thee a minde, that thou shouldest honour his Son, and keep the words of his Son in thy heart: Therefore let thy words be few; for a dream cometh through the multitude of business.