The Grimoire of Armadel has ratings and 4 reviews. Yomna said: This is by far the simplest of all the grimoires I’ve read so far, It’s temptingly to. ARMADEL. Electronic Version Prologue. This grimoire was first translated by Mr. MacGregor Mathers into English. Now for the first time in English I Frater Alastor. Of all of the old grimoires, the one that intrigues me the most is called the Grimoire of Armadel. I am intrigued because not much is known about.

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The array of spirits found in this grimoire demonstrates the varied mixture of traditions that were plumbed to fashion it. Where it fits into geimoire tradition will only be determined when a German original is found, or at least other versions of the same Grimoire. Concerning the Paths of Wisdom — consecration of the temple, vestments and tools.

Jun 15, Larissa rated it it was ok. Barrabbas September 6, at 8: Conjurations — first and grimore, and the license to depart. Yet any occultist or magician can immediately appreciate the importance and power of this grimoire by simply examining it. Mar 14, Yomna hosny rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? He can be invoked at any time.

The Grimoire of Armadel is worth studying for the Uriel Seraphim banner alone. There is absolutely no explanantion for how one is to interact with these sigils or their spirits to achieve the magical aims described.

This fact would have also determined the location of the source of the grimoire as Germany or possibly England or the Netherlandssince mainstream Catholics were forbidden from owning or reading the Bible, unless they were clerics or church doctors.

To give an example of what you will find, Thavael is the spirit that “had a particular care of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glenn Martyn August 29, at Translated from a 17th century manuscript stored in Paris, this is an ancient but still useful book of popularized Christian magic. In the introduction to the Weiser edition the work rgimoire written off as practically worthless, possessing neither literary merit nor magical value.


Religions and creeds may differ, but the over-arching spiritual wisdom contained in these sigil characters goes far beyond the tenets of any one specific religious perspective. One would have to borrow an example from some other grimoire, since there is no image of what that magick circle would look like. As I have said, I believe that the name Armadel is probably a proper name. Darren Mitton rated it it was amazing Oct 01, I would also suspect that such an oblique reference might symbolize that the host should be used in the magick armmadel, to fortify and amplify the sacral power of the working.

Star and Snake: Grimoire of Armadel Decoded

grlmoire CameLia MihaeLa rated it it was amazing Aug 11, The demons Brufor and Laune are of unknown derivation, but Brufor could possibly be Brulefer, which was a demon found in the Grimoirum Verum. This character sigil is found at the very beginning of the book, before the introduction — there is no accompanying text to reveal its purpose or use.

A blurb from the arkadel for this book says the following: In fact the title page in the original manuscript is at the end instead of the beginning, leading some to speculate that perhaps the book was written from back to front. However, the order of chapters for the first two chapter groups is not important, since each grimooire them can stand armmadel with their associated spirit name and sigil, offering revelations and visions with their use that are unique and distinct.

Prior to that, the manuscript had never been published. I should probably go check out your next article before I ask any silly questions. Pageviews since the beginning. The magician would very likely perform invocations of these spirits and have access to them before actually activating the sigils and sigil characters armavel this grimoire, although this is speculation on my part — the invocations may have been performed as part of the working. I love your observations here. Reisner Audrey Brice S.


However, since the title page is at the end of the manuscript instead of the beginning, one could consider this as a clue to the actual operational sequence of the armaddl.

The magician would also have been expected to know the Bible in a very intimate manner, perhaps indicating that possessing a printed copy of the Bible would also have been a requirement for this system of magick.

I have already done a little bit of research and writing on this grimoire manuscript in my article on the Old Grimoires as of yet unpublished. Evelyn Esquivel rated it liked it Feb 10, One could easily categorize a lot of the higher ritual magick that I work as belonging to this category, making it probably grimoie of ramadel most important of all of the categories of magick that are practiced in the Order. Of the two editions, the second has a more thorough introduction, written by William Keith.

The Magic of Armadel (Electronic Version)

Darren Mayville December 14, at Strategic Sorcery Blog II. This is by far the simplest of all the grimoires I’ve read so far, It’s temptingly to the point and surprisingly low fuss. There is a difference to be discerned between literary merit and magical value—which must be entirely subjective. Brian Mccall rated it liked it Dec 20, These sigil characters are used to aid the magician in achieving the grace necessary to perform the work — extracted from amradel end of Book II 6.

The archangel Michael is shown twice, as is Zadkiel and Samael.

They are used to adorn the gateway keys that I use in the performance of ritual magick. However, the art of magick that is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment is the art of disposition. Christian magick, sigils, Goetia.

The one on the left uses the archangel name Michael, and the one on the right, Gabriel.