I have written these reviews in the order of which I read them, which coincidentally was the order in which Leon Uris wrote them. As stated in. Armageddon by Leon Uris not only great fiction, but also a wonderful historical fiction book, interweaving fictional characters with historical. Armageddon by Leon Uris – book cover, description, publication history.

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This was my first Leon Uris book, and Exodus illustrated the history of Palestine from the late 19th century through the founding of the state of Israel in I haven’t put it down since I started to read it 3 days ago.

Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin – Wikipedia

This is a HUGE undertaking to read, over pages, but so worth it. I wonder what Uris would write about that now. Uris’s aim was spelled out at the end of Armageddon: Please provide an email address. I realize all of this history is pertinent to the story but I do think it was pr I tried to like this book. Rarely does a single armageddno, in a single book, describe the view from 30, feet figuratively speaking, although he does describe Berlin from a pilot’s point of view, literally, also as well as pinpoint the day-to-day experiences of such a wide variety of characters.

ARMAGEDDON by Leon Uris | Kirkus Reviews

We didn’t treat them like they would expect from a conqueror, but with respect and then rebuilt their country through the Marshall plan. I just wish we could add an epilogue forty years later with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Twilight of the Day. Dec 29, Diane rated it it was ok Shelves: It is full of history, the clash of ideologies between Russians and the West, the good Germans versus the bad ones, and the ruin of a country and society after a terrible war. They are more about the coming of age of their characters as they move through important points in our history than a commentary on events, but if you like Leon Uris you will enjoy Herman Wouk.


He is one of my most favorite novelists. Later he went on to write The Angry Hills, a novel set in war-time Greece. You can dig for historical errors, but they are few. Love all Leon Uris books and this one did not disappoint. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I found that this was not necessarily pleasant reading due to the subject matter. Retrieved from ” https: Hey all you kids who don’t know anything about or “the why” of the Cold War.

Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin

He failed his English examinations in high school, and left without graduating. The dedication and sacrifices by the soldiers leading that effort was truly inconceivable.

aramgeddon In what was to be the urls push by the Russians to drive the Allies out of Berlin, all ground supply routes were cut off to most of the city. When I finally got to read bits of the actual plot, while interesting, I found the main character sanctimonious and far too perfect for all he believes himself flawed.

Three years were spent researching postwar Berlin and the airlift for Armageddon. Largely self-educated, Uris proudly called attention to the quantity of his research.

My suggestions would be armageddno give Edward Rutherford and James Clavell a try. Americans responded to Paul Newman in the film of Exodus, playing the role of the sensitive, suntanned, Uzi-toting Jew as fighter. Leon Uris — was an author of fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays whose works include numerous bestselling novels.

Sent to oversee the rebuilding of Berlin, O’Sullivan is exposed to the horrific truths of the Holocaust, a shattered and defeated society, and the new threat of Soviet power as the Iron Curtain begins keon shadow the city.

There are a lot of stereotype characters. I realize this is an older book and it definitely reflects the attitude of the time. Uris novelises it by introducing pilots and others who were involved in airlifting supplies to the Chinese during the aemageddon over the so called ‘hump’, the Himalayas.


This was one of the saddest books of his in terms of the personal lives of the characters, but somehow still uplifting. I am a fan of everything Leon Uris has written so this review may be a bit biased. It’s a very good ldon. But in the end Sean must walk away. As I was reading it, I remembered 2 scenes – one involving a puppy and the other being the Red Army entrance armageddln Berlin after the cit I read many of the Uris novels when I was in my late teens and early 20’s on the recommendation of my parents.

Blood on the Divide. An absolutely great book – I think this is Leon Uri’s masterpiece. It also exposess us to the genius of the American Spirit and the rescued German population. You submitted the following rating and review. It is ultimately about hope and rebirth but be prepared to have you This was the first Uris book I ever read.

I personally think this is his best novel. I highly, highly recommend him and his fine works to all. They are of a distictive style and still readable.

The author creates a small stable of fictional characters to move the reader through the early days of the allied occupation of post World War II Germany en route to the main event – the post war political fight over the partition of Berlin. Wrath of the Gods. It is ultimately about hope and rebirth but be prepared to have your heart torn out a time or two. And I’m a little grumpy that I felt compelled to read this during the holiday season.

The Journey in Between. The Liam Devlin Novels.