BRMS is IBM’s Strategic Backup Management Product for the iSeries. .. User ID’s and passwords must be assigned by a TSM Administrator prior to the iSeries users must have TSM administrators manually register the node name and. BRMS Commands. Uploaded by Tiffany Wright. this is a manual to know all the command in the BRMS tool which used for . AS Daily Admin Commands. Using IBM’s Backup Media and Recovery Services (BRMS) 5 — SC ) (PDF); Manual: Backup, Recovery, and Media Services for iSeries (PDF).

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My TSM admin tells me she can’t see any details, just a big files space. She is using a gui to look, are there any command line commands which would show more detailed backup information? Our sponsors enable us to serve you with this high-speed Internet connection and fast webservers you are currently using at ADSM.

June 27th, ORG Admun you are reading this, so are your potential customer.

What’s new New posts. A call to IBM got the backups working again but to do it we had to create new devices and server information on the iSeries with the new IP address of the pSeries. No need no need Forum statistics Threads 31, MessagesMembers 21, Latest member carlosro.

BRMS and Tape Management – Code -The Support Alternative

I have few questions regarding these 2technologies: It has been a while since I touched an AS node. You must log in or register to reply here.


August 28th, August 15th, Search in titles only Search in Iseries System administration only Search. If you receive helpful answer on this forum, please show thanks to the poster by clicking “LIKE” link for the answer that you found helpful.

This notice will disappear after you have made at least 3 posts. She says that the iSeries is controlling all of that and she can’t see any more information than here is a node and it has XXX gig of space allocated to it. We upgraded to a new system with V6R1 several brmx ago and we have a disaster recovery box is the form of our older as This will tell BRMS to check the media policy “PolicyName” which you have defined earlier, this policy will tell BRMS the retention period for the tapes, which set of tapes to use and all that fun stuff.

Hope it helps Br, Union I have tested as recently as yesterday that a library on each partition can be backed up and restored successfully, so as far as I can tell, everything is currently working.

Scheduling a Restricted Save Using BRMS

Due to a networking issue, the IP address of the pSeries was sdmin by our network mananger he forgot to mention it to us and our backups failed for several days before we figured it out. Everything was working fine for several months with each partition backing up to the TSM using a node on the TSM named the same as the partition.


We finally had a consultant set it up for us during our latest hardware upgrade. Under normal circumstances the tape configuration is as follows: My opinion is she doesn’t know how to look at janual in the right way, but since I don’t know how either, I can’t prove it or offer any helpful suggestions.

They support this free flow of information and knowledge exchange service at no cost to you. After several weeks the nodes were renamed and backups were completing normally. Expiring or deleting the filespace?

IBM Systems Magazine – Scheduling a Restricted Save Using BRMS

Stand up for what you beleive in I realize you are still setting this up but I’m interested in opinions admln which method is better from everone out there. Also how do I check if the correct tape is loaded in the tape drive? Ask your TSM admin to see “help delete filespace”.

BRMS gives us errors. Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. Daily backups were set to expire after 31 days.