As an economic policy framework, ASGISA was underpinned by a sectorally focused industrial policy, with support to the manufacturing sector and broad. The next phase of the country’s economic policy is to be driven by the and Shared Growth Initiative, but it’s not entirely clear what Asgisa is. Some broad policy areas had been identified as main pillars for ASGISA to accelerate economic growth, including macroeconomic issues, infrastructure.

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In addition to the general infrastructure programmes, provinces were asked to propose special projects that would have a major impact on accelerating and sharing growth. In order to promote private-sector investment, sector strategies are being prepared, and some are in the implementation stage. The South African Government was mandated in to halve poverty and unemployment by In addition, 1 more small black contractors will be developed. Government has already begun to ramp up public-sector investment.

The other form of leverage will be that all of the sector strategies, such as the strategies for tourism or BPO, will have elements addressing development goals in the Second Economy.

With the faster growth rate has come rapidly improving employment creation. In some cases, market structure negatively influences the possibilities of downstream production or service industry development.

The State-Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum is codifying and spreading best practices for affirmative procurement. In respect of municipalities, the AsgiSA process has also mandated the DPLG, in consultation with the DTI, to improve the capacity of local government to support local economic development. With regard to women, the focus will be on expanding and accelerating access to economic opportunities including skills development and finance.

Backlogs in infrastructure and investment, and in some cases market structures that do not encourage competition, make the price of moving goods and conveying services over distance higher than it should be.


The O’Malley Archives

The targeted beneficiaries are youth and women. At present, the relative volatility is accompanied by a currency that is overvalued in the sense that economic resources are diverted into narrow areas of investment, laying an unsteady foundation asgissa the future.

Competition law and industrial policies need to be strengthened to counteract these factors.

We shall ensure that the focus on youth development is intensified in all spheres of government. The National African Chamber of Commerce has committed to establish new small and medium enterprises per year, agisa government will support these efforts. The first is to leverage asgida increased levels of public expenditure, especially investment expenditure, to promote small businesses and broad-based empowerment addressing such issues as access to finance, preferential procurement and a review of the impact of regulations on labour-intensive sectors.

One key mechanism is to use the leverage of the First Economy to address the Second Economy.

Public-sector infrastructure spending has considerable potential asgjsa in terms of the generation or regeneration of domestic supply industries, small business development and empowerment.

There are two key examples in AsgiSA. Many investment projects are unnecessarily held up by the weakness of local or provincial planning and zoning systems, or the cumbersome Environmental Impact Assessment EIA system.

We believe that we have built the basis for a national effort to achieve faster and shared economic growth. As we explored our policyy, government consulted with a range of stakeholders.

The project will also include skills transfer to new graduates. It is led by a committee asigsa the Deputy President, key ministers, business leaders, trade unionists and education and training providers or experts. References in periodicals archive?

The Free Dictionary https: On the youth front, one intervention is to asgida unemployed graduates for jobs or learnerships. The Department of Public Service and Administration has made proposals on improving the quality of economic services, initially through proposals for the DTI.

Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (AsgiSA) – The O’Malley Archives

The second imbalance derives from the fact that although the social grant programme has given significant impetus to poverty reduction and income redistribution, there remain about a third of South African households not yet able to benefit directly from our economic advances.


Government policu regularly review progress in implementation and will draw its social partners into such evaluations from time to time. A final key area requiring institutional reform is the framework for the planning and management of land use. For example, the economic cluster of government is committed to ensure that at least five BPO operations are established in poor areas with relatively little economic activity.

It may also include mentoring and overseas placement of trainees to fast-track their development. Other new elements of the EPWP will be a concerted roll-out of its Early Childhood Development component, home-based care and the finalisation of a process to support local governments in developing larger EPWP projects. On the pitfalls of a developmental state. Key issues are marketing, air access, safety and skills development.

The Rand remains somewhat ppolicy, though the degree of volatility has been reduced.

Consumer confidence has shown a similar pattern. A complementary activity must be improvements in the planning and zoning systems of provincial and local governments.

However appealing the association between growing manufacturing and manufacturing exports and the ASGISA objectives of raising output and employment appear to be, the empirical basis for such a standpoint in Agsisa Africa is not yet established. The programme will be subjected to review by experts, such as the team of economists and social scientists based at Harvard and other universities. A further key small business initiative will be to pursue decisions made by Cabinet on the regulatory environment for small businesses.