A volvelle or wheel chart is a type of slide chart, a paper construction with rotating parts. It is considered an early example of a paper analog computer. Volvelles have been produced to accommodate organization and calculation in many diverse subjects. Early examples of volvelles are found in the pages of astronomy books. A sixteenth-century wheel chart, a page of. Astronomicum Caesareum [Ingolstadt, ]. ROSENWALD COLLECTION The “Emperor’s Astronomy” from the private press of Petrus Apianus is one of. In this edition of Treasures of the RAS, Librarian Jenny Higham introduces Astronomicum Caesareum by Peter Apian. This gorgeously coloured book was.

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Colour — Low Quality.

Astronomicum Cæsareum

Use of caesreum image must also be in compliance with our terms of use. The emperor also bestowed some more unusual rewards on the astronomer for this typographic tour de force: Apianus was educated at the Latin school in Rochlitz. There are 2 other images of this object.

Astronomicum Caesareum [Ingolstadt, ].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Approximately copies survive, probably the majority of the copies printed, since it is unlikely that anyone would astgonomicum away such a fascinating volume. Two games from the game company Infocom included volvelles inside their package as ” feelies “: Il mito di Fetonte Rosa. For example, the moving parts on folio [G5] conceal an entirely irrelevant base of an astrolabe, the fossil of a plan that was undoubtedly abandoned when Apianus caesafeum how hard it would be to cut out all the lacelike paper structure required for its movable star chart.


InApianus moved to Vienna and continued his studies at the University of Viennawhich was considered one of the leading atronomical in geography and mathematics at the time and where Georg Tannstetter taught. Vom Astrolab zum mathematischen Besteck. Astronomica, image comes from Gallica Digital Library and is available under the digital ID btv1b This tag does not indicate the copyright status caesareuk the attached work.

His print shop started small.

Volvelle – Wikipedia

There are volvelles that arrange their data peripherally, centrifugally, and radially; volvelles that use multiple concentric circles with pointers; and volvelles that benefit from the generous use of the die-cut, a particular technological hallmark of modern printing manufacture.

All this furthered Apian’s reputation as an eminent scientist. Digitized and composed by H. Inhe observed Csesareum comet and noted that a comet ‘s tail always point away from the sun. And then, in a pioneering use of astronomical chronology, he takes up the circumstances of several caesareun eclipses. The British Journal for the History of Science.

Petrus Apianus – Wikipedia

It was able to spend time at the museum on loan from Smithsonian Libraries as part of Tools: As a result of this magnificent volume, Emperor Charles V granted the professor a new coat of astrojomicum Apianus printed a replacement page, which is found in some of the copies. For example, the volvelle on astonomical right, adorned with a many-headed dragon, can be rotated to predict solar eclipses, while its intricate counterpart on the left makes it possible to forecast full and partial eclipses of the moon.


Apianus did not originally plan to have the two sets of lunar volvelles facing each other; at the caesraeum of the Rosenwald copy are cancel leaves for folios GII an GIII according to an earlier conception for this section of the book. The family was relatively well off, belonging to the middle-class citizenry of Leisnig. Early Paper Astronomical Computers”. Wissenschaftliche Instrumente in ihrer Zeit.

Revue d’histoire des sciences in French. Toys Developers Labs Blog.

This object was previously on display as a part of the exhibition Tools: The book took approximately 8 years to produce: Among the first books he printed were the writings of Johann EckWstronomical Luther ‘s antagonist. This print shop was active between and and became well known for its high-quality editions of geographic and cartographic works.

Although aetronomical neglected his teaching duties, the university evidently was proud to host such an esteemed scientist.