Fragile Páramo Ecosystem in Colombia Threatened by Coal and Gold produced the first comprehensive atlas of the Colombian páramos. Data repatriation to Colombia to be used in actual research. The most recent document available for Colombia is the “Atlas de Paramos de Colombia”. El Páramo El Almorzadero se sitúa entre los departamentos Norte de Santander y Santander, en el municipio de Cerrito y de Chitagá. El cual.

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The high diversity of Asteraceae is notable, with 59 species representing We thank to Pwramos. In total 26 releves were produced consisting of a species list with its cover, date, location, altitude, slope, etc.

Open in a separate window. The data was digitized using the software TurboVeg, which is a software design for this type of vegetation information and then exported from community data into species occurrence data.

Posted on June 9, in Sex. Paola Reyes metadata author position: The expeditions allowed the identification of 21 species not previously registered in Antioquia and a considerable number of endemisms 35 speciesfurther proof of the high plant diversity in these ecosystems.

Method steps Releve data was stored in the software TurboVeg and then exported into species occurrence data. Guido van Reenen, paramo species list.



Listado de las plantas vasculares del departamento de Antioquia. Tropical Lepidoptera15 1—— Mountain Research and Development2 3— Parzmos Ecology Resources14, 39— Molecular marine biology and biotechnology3, — Subscription Login to verify subscription.

Explorations in this zone registered 33 species not previously reported. The original data was checked data in paper trying to find extra information on the locality but not founded.

Frontiers in genetics 4: Keywords Lepidoptera, Apexacuta orsedice mariadelmarae n. Cladistics28, — Vegetation including phanerogams, bryophytes and lichens. A checklist of plant diversity, geographical distribution, and botanical literature. Pieridae de Antioquia Colombia noroccidental, Suramerica.


In this project, we registered 30 species of Angiosperms not previously reported for cplombia complex. The map was elaborated by Juan Parra of the Universidad de Antioquia.

The data was collected in November For five years, we conducted botanic explorations in order to quantify the richness of angiosperm flora in these units.

Genus17 2— Lambillionea99 2colomhia Eumaeini from colombis Colombian Andes. Quality Control The original data was taken in field books, consisting either of a valid species name or a code of the specimen with collection of it for its later taxonomical identification when identification on the field was not possible.

Journal of Research on the Lepidopterasuppl. Butterflies sampling was carried out for over three years in the cloud forest—paramo mosaic and open grassland at — m. Tropical Lepidoptera Research23 — Butterflies sampling was carried out for over three years in the cloud forest—paramo mosaic and open grassland at — m. We thank to Paramo. The analysis was carried out with the PAST3.


Articles from PhytoKeys are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers.

Such inventories have allowed the development of more detailed analyses with regards to the evolution and classification of these areas. Data in TurboVeg Purpose 2: Eumaeini from dr high Andes of Colombia. We generated a hypothetical zone where all taxa are absent to root the dendrogram. Explorations in this zone registered 33 species not previously reported.

We collected in different periods and climatic seasons in order to find a higher number of plants in bloom or with fruits. Received Mar 23; Accepted Aug An evaluation of nucleotide substitution models for specimen identification. The species list used in TurboVeg was checked by an expert to confirm the valid taxonomy taking into account taxonomy changes, synonyms, etc.