It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles in a deflocculated state by the for. Aug 30, One example of a polymeric dispersant with a higher HLB value ~ is Croda’s Atlox , Figure 2. Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl. View details of Atlox import data and shipment reports in US with product description, price, date, quantity, major us ports, countries and buyer, supplier.

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The emulsion, which is provided in step a of the process according to the present invention, can be prepared by any conventional processes for the preparation of aqueous emulsions of pesticide compounds.

Continuous process for the preparation of a stable herbicidal aqueous suspension concentrate composition. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. The process according to any of the preceding claims, where the organic pesticide compound is pyraclostrobin.

EP-A discloses a process for the preparation of an aqueous suspension concentrate formulation of the low melting pesticide pendimethalin, which process comprises emulsifying molten pendimethalin in an aqueous solution containing surfactants and antifoam, cooling the emulsion to solidify the pendimethalin droplets and milling the thus obtained suspension to the desired particle size of the pendimethalin particles.

The aqueous suspension concentrates obtained by the process stlox to the invention are physically and chemically stable formulations, which can be stored over weeks or month or even years at ambient or elevated temperatures or varying temperatures without formation of noticeable amounts of coarse material or caking.


Datasheets & MSDS – Croda Crop Care

Formulation according to reference example 4. Into 40 kg of water, 10 kg of propylene glycol, and 5 kg surfactant 2 were dissolved and then mixed until homogeneous. Such average particle diameters can be determined by dynamic light scattering usually performed on diluted suspensions containing from 0. Antifoam agents may be added to the suspension concentrates.


The suspension remained stable for several month altox coarsening. CO Ref document number: The process according to any of the preceding claims, wherein step a comprises a. The pesticide compound can be any 491 or inorganic pesticide compound, which is suitable as a co-pesticide for the pesticide compound which is contained in the aqueous suspension obtained in step b.

Thus, a particular preferred embodiment of the invention is directed to a process, where the pesticide com- pound contained in the emulsion of step a is pyraclostrobin and where the crystalline pesticide compound present in the aqueous suspension that is added in step b is essentially crystalline pyraclostrobin, in particular pyraclostrobin being essentially present as its crystalline form IV.

EP EPB1 en Suitable surfactants are well known to the skilled person as are processes for the preparation thereof; they are also commercially available, e. In a preferred embodiment, the backbone of the surfactants c.

The results are presented in the following tables 3 to 6: Thereby the process of the present invention almost completely avoids the tedious preparation and handling of solid crystalline pesticide compound material. Aqueous herbicide concentrates containing fatty acid alkyl esters, fatty acid amides, or triglyceride fatty acid esters and methods of use.

The non-ionic block copolymers of the surfactant class c. The PAO moiety usually comprises at least 3, preferably at least 5, in particular 10 to repeating units number average which are derived from one or more C3-Cio alkylene oxides, such as propylene oxide, 1 ,2-butylene oxide, cis- or trans-2,3-butylene oxide or isobutylene oxide, 1 ,2-pentene oxide, 1 ,2-hexene oxide, 1 ,2-decene oxide and styrene oxide, among which C3-C4 alkylene oxides are preferred.

The formulation remained stable for more than 3 month at 0 C without demixing. BR Ref legal event code: In this case, it will not be necessary but possible to subject the obtained mixture to a further comminution step.

This atlos a larger steric barrier effectively preventing droplet coalescence and so the stability of the emulsion is increased. Then 30 grams of crystalline pyraclostrobin were added and dispersed using a high shear mixer.

ATLOX™ 4913

B01A Ref document number: Shear may also be applied by turbulent mixing, injecting a fluid into another, oscillations and cavitation of the mixture for example using ultrasound.


A process for the preparation of an aqueous suspension of an organic pesticide compound. As mentioned above, the temperature, where the molten pesticide compound is emulsified in water is chosen that the emulsified organic pesticide compound remains in the form molten droplets. The oil phase used can range from paraffinic mineral oils, hydrocarbon aromatic solvents, diesel oil, kerosene, vegetable oils and fatty acid esters. The suspension was filtered using a mesh sieve to remove unmilled material and chipped beads.

The process according to claim 1wherein the organic pesticide compound is selected from the group consisting of aldrin, alalchlor, azinphos-ethyl, benfluralin, bensultap, benzoximate, bifenthrin, binapacryl, bromophos, bromopropylate, butralin, chlorphoxim, chlorpyriphos, fluchloralin, fluroxypyr, kresoxim-methyl, Nn- uron, metazachlor, metconazol, monolinuron, nitrothal-isopropyl, pendimethalin, phosmet, picoxystrobin, 4193, picolinafen, pyrachlostrobin, tefluthrin, triflox- ystrobin and napropamide.

Suitable mixing devices include standard vessels containing one or more stirrers. In case of pyraclostrobin comminution is performed at temperature in the range from 45 to 90 0 C, in particular from 50 to 80 0 C.

Without being bound to a theory it is believed that the stability of the aqueous suspension con- centrates obtained by the process according to the invention can be ascribed atlos a more regular form of the crystalline pesticide compound particles in contrast to the pesticide compound particles in aqueous suspension concentrates obtained atllox standard procedures including the comminution of crystalline material.

Steric stabilisation has a number of advantages, including the possibility of achieving unique emulsification and dispersion effects in both aqueous and non-aqueous systemsthe formation of thermodynamically stable colloidal systems and most importantly, design and use of tailor made molecules. The formulations were stored for 4 weeks at 40 0 C and 50 0 C, respectively.