Introduction Of Project Project Definition: Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 7, July ISSN Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Automatic. Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH. BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. The objective of this project is to make a controller.

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Try around some codes and share with us. Reset button will reset the microcontroller.

And this pulse will be given to microcontroller for further processing. I want to know that if you are using controller is there any program written on it? Bidirectional Visitor counter section coknter It is bidirectional because we have used 2 sensors on a single door. Please email us your address in detail.

LED should turn off when Transmitter is facing towards Receiver. Controllwr Visitor Counter can be used in various rooms like seminar hall, conference hall where the capacity of room visitog limited and should not be exceeded. And if any person leaves the room then second receiver will cut and then first receiver will cut. So that these places should not get over crowded to avoid congestion. The cost of this technology is very economical.


Sir, Can I use IR collision sensor in this project? The transformer works at V but here in Canada we have V so do we change the transformer to v if yes what transformer we need? We can implement this project using RFID reader.


Can u guys make a tutorial to detect room entry alert system using alarm with clear explanation??? Zero condition means no one in the room. Can you pls send a circuit diagram? The whole system can be fabricated as economic bidirechional hardware package. Collector to emitter voltage Vce is monitoring sensors in real-time.

Then comparator compares both voltages and generates a digital signal at output. It receives the signals from the sensors, and this signal is operated under the control of software which is stored in ROM.

Advantage of using Infrared sensor is that IR rays are not visible to human eyes. It can be used to turn a single device or many devices at a time. Hi naga akhil es, It can not detect this situation. Sir, I am from Bangladesh, we have a problem with electricity in our cointer.

If the second sensor is not interrupted within 5 seconds then the waiting period gets over and action is cancelled. This Project title Bidiretcional.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

The data register stores analog-to-digital converter ADCwhich converts the analog the data to lignt displayed on the LCD. What happens to the light when the number of persons increases than the limited??? It has Wide Supply Ranges. Sir, wiyh there any kind of programming also involved with the micro-controller 89s51 in this project? And turn off lights when the count is zero.


There are two main parts of the circuits. I don’t have a lot of programming experience, and I am struggling with fixing the code. TV, radio set, fun, flat iron, computers, chargers.

As per the current functionality of the project, lights will be turned on when there is one or more than one bidiredtional in room. The outputs of comparators are connected to digital pin number 14 and 19 of arduino.

Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

Here we can use sensor and can know present number of persons. Do you have any specific reason? After completion of the soldering process I tested the circuit. Also read all the above comments, solution has already been suggested. It should be connected to second terminal of variable resistor RV.