Blitzkrieg Rules with Q&, Rules, MB, , or in combination to supplement or replace Avalon Hill Blitzkrieg rules. Blitzkrieg published , by Avalon Hill Company. Blitzkrieg http://zho. ยท Blitzkrieg Rules – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Game rules for long out of print wargame Blitzkrieg by Avalon Hill (

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Nor am I trying to demean anyone or their “Misconceptions”. It features an updated version of the original map same overall appearance but larger and with text that should be more readable and several menu and right-click options along with improved placement of certain markers to improve their visibility while the unit is in a stack that should help streamline gameplay. Retrieved from ” http: I remember growing up on Avalon Hill war games long before the advent of computers.

As for combat multipliers. It would also provide a base line for others to do a great many mods. Blitzkrieg has a stacking limit.

My brother and I played this game for hours as kids! Like I said the only thing that I can think of that would have any effect on the program is the number of units, Types, size of the units and those things that suck up memory, and rulss use.


But that would be for later, now just making the basic map, game would hll, and is my aim. Right after I found TripleA on sourceforge.


Being so basic it should not be a huge undertaking but I am still working out how to do maps. In reply to this post by HardThunder. It seems like you have interesting features planned, and my point was just that for hexes you will need something creative for units or the game will be horribly boring from experience TripleA’s movement features have a tendency towards certain behaviors.

Also, have you the seen the 2. You can save your progress part way through, and all you really need to start is a map image just stick some other maps flags and units in, this part is easy to change. Not in a help file, not in a trash can. However, the map of a hex and counter game generally has many more hexes then hil area movement game.

Avalon Hill game, Blitzkrieg – Slitherine

Blitzkrieg in the Pacific. Modules Avalon Hill Unknown But regardless, this could be a well balanced game for PC that offered two opponents a chance to squire off in an equal setting.

We could add islands, and a host of other things exspand water areas. I cannot find that module at this time. As for the map maker. To really get something interesting going you will need some very unconventional combat, I think.


Blitzkrieg published 1965, 1975 by Avalon Hill Company

Im not objecting, just offering some thoughts, making a good looking map takes a long time and I would hate to someone do it only to find out it doesn’t work very well. I am not taking anything from anyone. Blitzkrieg Fighter Mission Charts. Doing this game in any game development system is going to take more code, and cpu use then then original Axis and Allies game, that is just a fact of life.

I will not go into anyway. Rather than having a you would qvalon 4 ‘s for example You also want to figure out if the combat system will translate well, TripleA has some flexibility but you can’t really change the core combat routine Correctly crazy, disingenuously German. Just a lot of rlues in an xml and drawing rulex unit icons.

Stacking does not seem to be that much of an issue. In fact I would be more then happy to make two sets of icons.

I don’t hate you, just the person that plays you in the real world. I am Very good at G-2,3 and 4 but 4 is very boring to me.