Shadhili Awrad. Al-Wird al-`Amm al-Shadhili The general wird of the Shadhili tariqa. Al-Salat al-Mashishiyya by Sayyidi Sheikh Abd al-Salam Ibn Mashish. Awrad English Book Invocations of the Shadhili Order Hardbound, awrad book of the tariqa Shadhili of Imam Abul Hasan al Shadhili, in English hardbound in. Abu al-Hasan ash-Shadhili (Arabic: أبو الحسن الشاذلي ) also known as Sheikh al- Shadhili [ He dreamt that he was asking the Sheikh to grant him certain wishes, one of them being that These seminal teachings of Abd as-Salam would, through Abu’l Hasan, become the fundamental precepts of the Shadhili Tariqa.

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Numerology is one of those viable explanations as it was an accepted aspect of medieval Muslim culture that seeped its way into many sciences. There are many things to be gained from dhikr; these include the social and religious benefits as mentioned, as well as the preparation of the heart for a greater spiritual station. Sheikh Nooruddeen has translated al-ariqa transliterated the Qur’an and has compiled two definitive books on the Shadhdhuliyyiah, Orisons and Origins.

I cannot say anything more than I’ve already said regarding the original Arabic production of the same work: He was born in a royal family of a business man in Bani Yafrah among the Berber Ghomara tribe, [1] near Ceuta in the north of Moroccoalso known as the Rif region, in You can help by sl-tariqa to it.

Awrad al-Tariqa al-Shadhiliyya is a critical edition of the most popular of the litanies of the Shadhili tariqa. He is a translator of Islamic books and a specialist in Islamic law, as well as being authorised by Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri as a sheikh in sufism in the Shadhili Order. Mohammed Zubair rated it it was amazing Feb 07, These promises and benefits are believable and legitimate given that Iskandari bases much of what he says in the Quran, hadiths and sayings of individuals, as in the above passage.

Though this is not specifically apparent in our text, it speaks to the vast extent of numerology among Sufis.


Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili

Supplications in general, along with salat are held to be the fixed ritual duty of a Muslim and his identity within a Muslim community,5 indicating the role of the supplication, such that it is on par with the obligatory prayer in forming identity.

The Life and Marriage of Fatimah al-Zahrah. One quote encapsulates the al-traiqa feel of the chapter in saying: Given that the purpose of the book is to instruct on the performance of dhikr, we will look at what instructions Iskandari provided and what appeal this may have had.

Abd as-Salam ibn Mashishthe great Moroccan spiritual master. The attributes of God in Sufism are a widely discussed one.

Awrad al-Tariqa al-Shadhiliyya (Mughlay Awrad)

Iskandari awqrd provide other various meanings for the phrase but this is the most interesting given the breadth of what it covers. As in the previous chapter, we come to see consistent themes of mystique and the further creation of a popular culture surrounding the tariqa. This section needs expansion.

His Life and Works. The most valuable method of inquiry is to stay close to the primary sources given their richness. There can be no doubt that the authors of the texts were deeply religious and took their beliefs and teachings al-twriqa be sacred, not mere publicity.

These numbers have significances that we cannot quite go into detail here, but they certainly play a role in providing an explanation for the number of times words are repeated. Iskandari dedicates a short chapter to the topic in his Miftah. Aqsa rated it it was amazing Aug 20, It would seem that in convincing the believer through the unquestionable sources al-tarisa the validity and importance of the dhikr, Iskandari can then move on to the instruction and specificity of the act.

A central point in exploring the litany is that most texts in the given period are not made to be read, but are to be recited aloud and performed. When he heard of a saintly man teaching Islamic sciences in the Al-Qarawiyyin university of Fez he hastened to meet him and his life changed.


The broader purpose of dhikr within Sufism is one that is unresolved.

Awrad al-Tariqa al-Shadhiliyya by Nuh Ha Mim Keller

Where Gilsenen discusses the use of the names of God in the Shadhili dhikr,47 we do not find corroborating evidence in the Miftah. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll al-taria you a reset link. Shiraz rated it it was amazing Feb 19, What is consistent throughout the description of every name is that there are no worldly benefits associated with invoking the names of God as there are with invoking the earlier phrases.

Al-shhadhiliyya see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The plants of the gardens of Paradise are the invocation. Advocating a holistic and erudite approach to Sufism, Nuh Keller and his students have played an instrumental role in broadening access to Islamic sciences through online education and high quality publications and translations of classical works.

This would provide more evidence of a structure as there is a distinction made between insider and outsider. Jun 11, Lumumba Shakur rated it it was amazing Shelves: The lowest of these is to act obediently out of fear of hellfire, the middle rank is to obey for want of attaining paradise, and the highest is to act in order to please God.

Scholars have often neglected religious texts in favour of more factual sources, but we have demonstrated here that religious texts can be immensely rich and useful as historical documents. Details of performing Dhikr It is well mentioned by scholars that the text at hand is the first treatise on dhikr and Iskandari himself mentions that he has not found a text that fulfils the purposes he covers. Without it, the tariqa may have fell into either a cultural association or a strict religious sect, in avoiding this pitfall, the Shadhiliyya were able to gain the advantages of either end of the spectrum.