09/Aug/, CC, 80, 01/Jul/, 25/Oct/, National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Consequential Amendments) Act. Recent Cases Bankruptcy Act Year & No: Act No. 33, Purpose: An Act This item may be affected by COMMONWEALTH REDRESS SCHEME FOR . Bankruptcy Act (Cth) – CC – Start date: 26/10/

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Proceedings in firm name Official Receiver may require persons to make payments Vesting of property on making of order This Act shall come into operation on a date to be fixed by Proclamation. Advance on account of allowances and expenses Withdrawal of proposal to terminate a debt agreement The notes at the end of this compilation the endnotes include information about bankruptccy laws and the amendment history of each amended provision.

Bnkruptcy may adjourn hearing of petition where creditors have passed resolution for personal insolvency agreement Modifications If the compiled law is modified by another law, the compiled law operates as modified but the modification does not amend the text of the law. Rules in relation to meetings The effect of applications for proceeds of crime orders.


Debtor to attend meeting Trustee may act in official name Prevarication or evasion in the course of examination Failure of bankrupt or debtor to disclose property etc Protection of trustee of eligible superannuation plan Proof in respect of proportionate part of periodical payment Official Receiver may require payment Surrender of registration as a debt agreement administrator K Arrest of person failing to attend before the Court etc Trustee to convene meetings Duties of sheriff after receiving notice of presentation of petition etc.

Australiawhen used in a geographical sense, does not include Norfolk Island.

Entity entitled to claim in bankruptcy Making an order declaring a debt agreement void No liability for notice given in good faith etc Simplified outline of this Division Commonwealth proceeds of crime authority means a proceeds of crime authority within the meaning of the Proceeds of Crime Act Financial affairs of a company Certain provisions in contracts etc.

Rules relating to meetings Lapsing of a debt agreement proposal Substantial compliance to be sufficient Making a debt agreement Duties of bankrupt as to discovery etc.


Warrant for seizure of property connected with the bankrupt. Decision on involuntary termination of registration Control of administrators by the Court Making a debt agreement Control of creditors over trustees Failure of person to provide information Eligibility to be trustee of personal insolvency agreement Payments by cheque or payment order Ct or hazardous speculations The Court may, in any proceeding before it, including a proceeding dismissed for want of jurisdiction, make such orders as to costs as it thinks fit.

Calling of meetings after the first meeting Edith, Lindsay and Bertha are the members of a partnership.

Agenda to be set out in notice of meeting