UFO investigator Barbara Simon Bartholic died November 10th after suffering a stroke. Bartholic followed in her family’s footsteps and began. Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator. Barbara Bartholic. from: N/A. More by Peggy Fielding. Telemarketing Factomatic (The Essence of Management Series). Conspiracy · Creatures · Health · Milabs · Matrix · About James Bartley · Interviews · Commentaries · All Posts · HomeBarbara Bartholic. Barbara Bartholic .

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This process is being played out on a macro society- wide scale. Bartholic mentions the possibility of clones and it would have been interesting to write about this in more detail.

In much the same way, it appears the aliens possess the technology to separate and project the person to their habitat. Now we will never know. She allowed the abductees to relate their own story in their own way.

A good book and well worth reading. These individuals were bartholiv in a rather barrholic, rural community. That Secret Military-Intelligence community and government are involved in abduction, mind control, and harassment of alien abduction experiencers?

Barbara Bartholic (1939-2010)

What drove brtholic to devote years of research to the alien abduction phenomenon? When the doctor, a cancer specialist, examined her, he said. All said and done, nothing really new. Chapters 19 and 20 are useful starting points on the journey. The both of us consciously focused on erecting psychic barriers to protect ourselves.

The following is the message as I received it from the psychic.

Barbara Bartholic

The first part of the show Lorien asked James to discuss his mentor Barbara Bartholic who also mentored the wonderful Dr. After extensive regressive hypnosis, they were all in agreement that they had been abducted and subjected to forms of mental and physical abuse.


She disseminated the information and encouraged numerous people. In conjunction with the type of music being played, the Ecstasy removes the inhibitions of the users. While enjoying the spectacular mountain barbarx, they agreed to turn off the main roadway onto what appeared to be a short-cut to their destination, which was a health spa.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Barbara Bartholic

Alien Abduction Research lost a true pioneer with the passing of Barbara Bartholic. COM January 1, Language: Is there any doubting that at least some children today exhibit aberrant and at times pathological tendencies? Love, Hate, Jealousy, Resentment and a variety of other feelings are intensified by the ETs in order to siphon off the energies and emotions from the abductees.

Preview — Barbara by Barbara Bartholic.

The lives of abductees enmeshed in the Love Obsession barbaar manipulated in such a way as to extract the maximum amount and variety of emotions. Alien mind control and the ability to manipulate time exceed the understanding of our greatest minds. My deepest respect is for researchers, scholars and many abductees who thankfully remain safe and secure during their valiant attempts to understand the ever-enigmatic UFO phenomenon.

Kandy became an outstanding alien abduction researcher in her own right. She knew the negative aliens manipulated the energy centres and emotions of alien abductees in order to nourish and empower themselves at the expense of the abductees.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? This interview is sure to become a classic Fenton Perspective show.


UFO investigator Barbara Bartholic dies |

Refresh and try again. Barbara laid the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the Reptilian Overlordship. On barbarx occasion, Barbara sat in the audience as the Guru instructed the members to put on blindfolds and sit quietly in the audience as this guru walked up and down the aisles.

One person found this helpful. Sometimes this all-consuming feeling of love is not reciprocated by the other person. English Choose a language for shopping.

When troubled people who suspect UFO abduction in their pasts, learn of her work they are relieved that there is someone whom they can call out to for help.

As the women left the store, they were disoriented, unable to speak properly, and barely able to reach their destination. During this process, the ETs strive to program the behaviour of the abductee. This is a wonderful read and I just can’t emphasize how glad I am to find this. If executed correctly, hypnosis is a miracle tool. So what must we deduce from this? Your email address will not be published.

Many of the alien abductees Barbara worked with have been able to integrate these experiences into their lives. This is complete nonsense. They were often supervised by the Greys. Barbara learned abductees, sometimes mere children are manipulated to feel the extremes of emotions. Many have died in the process, and have struggled with both financial and marriage difficulties and endless health problems.