Importer of Plant Biostimulants – Basfoliar Algae SL, Basfoliar Kelp SL offered by Dhanashree Agro Industries, Pune, Maharashtra. BASFOLIAR KELP SL is a mineral fertilizer with the effect of plant growth stimulant based on the extract of natural phyto-hormones of growth designed for foliar. Biostimulant Fertilizers – Basfoliar Algae – We are the best Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Biostimulant fertilizers – Basfoliar Algae for our valuable clients in.

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Spraying after 14 days after planting; apply again at 2 weeks interval. Application after flowering promotes the development of fruit, increases the size of berries and fruits. Call Send a quick message. After application of the product it is recommended to wash the irrigation system with plain water. Treatment of seedlings is recommended to carry out immediately before bedding-out the plants. Get Best Price Request a quote.

Not recommended with coper base products. It activates the metabolism process and improves formations of phytoalexins.

For maximum efficiency the pH indicator of the working solution should not exceed 7. For foliar fertilization of intensive crops, field crops and for fertigation. The cytoplasmic extraction is bbasfoliar by cold micronization process under strict quality vigil. Dipping seedlings in solution 1 liter of fertilizer per liters of water before planting. The synthesis of Cytokinins is enhanced simultaneously with the development of the root system, which provides an increase of ground plant mass.


Agro Fertilizers in Pune. Foliar Fertilizer Want to increase crop yield and plant health?


It contains auxins, cytokinins, carbohydrates, proteins amino acids and vitamins. Bio Fertilizers in Chennai. It is a product of Compo Expert, Algaf. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. It also increases the resistance of the plant. The nutrient ratio of Basfoliar Aktiv is adjusted to the requirements of high-yielding crops. Product Specification Form Liquid.

The foliar application of Basfoliar Aktiv increases the concentration of all nutrients in the leaf and thus produces the desired stimulating effect while avoiding any nutrient imbalance. It is used to control physiological leaf spot, premature leaf-fall and bitter pit in apples. Basfoliar K is known to alggae fruit colour, size and taste.

COMPO EXPERT – Basfoliar – Biostimulants

It is basfollar with virtually all the common plant protection products. Calcium stimulates root and leaf development and forms compounds which are a part of cell walls.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Get best deals for coconut. It is sensitive to sunshine and thus helps in opening and closing of stomata. Want to increase crop yield and plant health? The active development of the root system is stimulated due to the high concentration of Auxins. You may order by bssfoliar. It is a biostimulant based on natural Kelp Ecklonia Maxima.

It is derived from sea weeds from Antarctica Durvillea Antarctica and contains essential minerals, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids. Suelo Alga Liquid 1 Lt Help plantsfight stress in frost conditions, drought conditions, transplantation and also due to damage by the use of herbicide.


Get Best Price Request a quote. It is a remedy to treat potassium deficiency in crops which is most common on light, sandy soils having low clay content. Basfoliar Kelp stimulates roots growth and fruit size, enhances plant establishment and development.

The minimum time between applications basvoliar be not less than 12 days. Basfoliar Algae helps in improving the physiological Repeat with 2 weeks interval. Basfoliar Algae SL is a complete biostimulant derived from seaweeds from Antarctica and contains essential minerals and amino acids.

Subscribe to our Newsletter Receive updates and offers. Foliar fertilization with Basfoliar Aktiv is no substitute for soil fertilization but an effective additional measure. View Contact Call Seller Now.

bastoliar Application of Basfoliar Kelp SL before flowering or at early flowering stage increases the number of flowers that form the fruit. Our NPK fertilizers are free from sodium and chloride.

Being a product of natural origin, Basfoliar Algae is Did you like the product? Product Description Basfoliar Algae is a complete bio-stimulant produced by Compo Agro Chile Ltda and derived from sea weeds from Antarctica, it als contains essential minerals, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids. This effect is achieved by stimulating the increase in cells basfolliar while applying Auxin.

It helps in improving the physiological structure of the cell.