Benrik are Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, authors of the bestselling This Book Will Change Your Life. Ben likes dogs, but Henrik is more of a cat person. Synopsis. If your life needs spicing up, this is your new bible. With over , copies sold, Benrik’s brand of unhinged self-help has changed countless lives. This Diary Will Change Your Life This bijou book tells you what to do from 0 to , one year at a time. Weekly Benrik Pitch in the Guardian newspaper.

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It’s not the soft-hearted kind of book that’s interested in what you have to say; rather it contains daily orders, each one of which could turn your humdrum existence into a daily free-fall. The amusement level will sink steadily, until now, while I am only using it to take up space.

I would love a book like this that was full of GOOD things to do in the world. I spent an idle hour or two flipping through pages and determined that I needed to spend no more time on it, mildly entertaining as it was. When I first flipped through this book I thought it was ridiculous and hesitated to read it. Definitely full of ideas to make life more interesting.

Of course, everyone had read my page for the day and made that office meeting 10x more uncomfortable than office meetings already are.

This Book Will Change Your Life

I looked at the way people treated me, and the way I treated them. I got a bunch of laughs out of it, and double-dog-dare anyone to try cchange follow it day-to-day without skipping ahead. Often I don’t think anything I do effects the people boook me. Another fun, something to do each day book. Some of the suggestions will actually make people reexamine their lives, while others are just plain whimsical. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. May 21, Ashley rated it liked it Recommends it for: Ben CareyBenrikHenrik Delehag.


Jan 24, Gregory Wright rated it really liked it. If so, try this book.

This Book Will Change Your Life by Benrik Ltd

Ben was born in New Zealand and grew up in France. Over the years I have read the adventures of made up characters in books and movies.

There are a few mostly impossible suggestions very few people could manage, for instance, to spend an entire day underwater which diminish any seriousness one might bring to the book’s claims, but overall, I found myself wishing that I had both the time and the energy to put into motion the book’s proposal of daily life changing.

The book instructed me to masturbate at some stupidly precise time, I think it was a little after 2: Of course some of the things in this book are nonsense, but that makes the soul wrenching tasks even more profound if you let them.

Open Preview See a Problem? I especially like the list of things you’ll never do. Yes, there were just a few bad stuff sprinkled in there, and the positive outweighted the bad, but I didn’t want to have to ignore the bad stuff.

I finally picked it up to occupy my daily bus commute. Beffski rated it liked it Sep 15, Because the book’s humor is so overt and, at the same time, subtle and invasive, it’s a given that few people will try to put into practice the book’s demands even though mulitple entries promise fame “in the next book” for people who turn in their various results. Cross the word “love” out of a romantic novel.


To view it, click here. Plus, visually, it is a great book to check out. They work across all forms of cultural production, looking for cracks, openings and other loopholes.

Or invent my own traffic rule, such as turning left every time I see a green car. I miss the damn thing. May 09, pixie13 rated it it was amazing. I never actually finished this book. What to do with these new found powers of confidence and stupidity? After I found my guts and unpacked them from the yuor of my closet, they did not want to go back into hiding.

This Book Will Change Your Life 2010

Every receptionist was aware that I was trying my best to complete the task for each day, and some would look ahead cyange laugh at the stupidness I was in for. Most of the pages were hilarious and I couldn’t even imagine doing these things for myself. Not really, of course, this book is venrik the comedy and not about actually getting you arrested for something stupid.

With days of activities to change your life, the goal is simple.

Don’t ask unless you really really want wil know. Crazy, Adventurous people, Teenage boys, Uptight bored people. At least I hope not. Don’t how many times I’ve rated this in different versions But it is always the first one whichever you read that will astonish you.