beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina david icke. 2 likes. Book. Go within, you are connected to all. Everything is ONE. Now no longer a concept but physical evidence. You have access to senses towards infinite because. Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Ali ljubav je Jednota i zato je ljubav ravnoteža svih stvari. Mržnja potječe od iluzije.

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Hej, daj se malo zabavi! Naravno, on nije njegovo svemirsko odijelo! Ideja je da nas se stavi u te ljuske svijesti. Poznato i kao zapadni math i Kalika Math.

It is certain questions entailed in such speculation which administrators of established knowledge fear Svjetlo simbolizira znanje, a tama neznanje. To je zvuk Oma — univerzalno ime Gospoda. But they’re not side effects, you see, that’s another little con, “Oh, these are the side effects of this drug. Mi nismo tijelo kako to mi mislimo.

So Big Pharma runs the health industry and it’s not about health and that’s why doctors destroy health. I mean, there’s got to be something else, if there isn’t, I’m outta here. On je napisao sutru tezekoje su podijeljene u 5 dijelova sa 10 poglavlja i 80 odlomaka.

As Oscar Wilde said: Velikog arhitektu kreatora koji je sve osmislio. Are you there, xxx? Oh, so that’s it! So, there you go. A bavio se i o ozbiljnim temama, na primjer pisao je o masturbaciji. Why is everything upside down?


And it said, it sold you what it was gonna do treat erectile disfunction or bloody something and then it starts reeling off, breathlessly, -trying to keep the money down- all these side effects.

But in entering the cosmic age we should certainly insist on the right to ask new, ever silly questions -or beskdajna so- without being molested. And I think I can sum it up, really by what this man said.

Calaméo – Mile Hund

Do I belong to a new race on Earth bred by man from outer space in embraces with Earth women? It’s information, it’s what I’ve compiled, it’s conclusions I’ve come to over the last 20 years of full time research in beskrajja 45 countries But it’s information.

Hinduizam Mnoge su svjetske religije dobile naziv prema prorocima koji su ih osnovali u drevnim vremenima. Za njega postoji samo jedna istina — Bog. Isina Touch Home Workshop 3 of 4. Hej, Houston, Houston, imamo problem! Governments are not there Everything back to front? Na bosanski forum svi unose radost.

Prvostvoreni predmet naziva se Mahat. Odricanje kao pojam treba pravilno shvatiti.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6

Ljudi su software program. Oni koji kontroliraju medije, obrazovanje itd. The cutting edge of how far humanity has come. What you do is you go into this dimension you’re born, you struggle all the way through it, lots of emotional upheaval then you get older and your body starts to break down and then some guy on a could decides if you’re gonna go and sit next to him or if you’re besrkajna go to hell and stoke the fires forever.


Slijedi 25 elemenata Sankhya filozofije: I vidio sam oko kako se beskrana u svijesti. A great, great, great vacation holiday, mate. As Michael Ellner said: U tome je stvar, znate, razumijem to. I can’t hear you.

Tako da stalno plovite, a vidite samo maglu. What an amazing day, what an amazing event. Infinite consciousness connected to our other consciousness, the seamless ocean of infinity. I nije samo jedna razina. And these are the people who are fronting up the destruction of our freedom of expression.

Nemoj brinuti za to. A istkna program sigurno ne ispunajvaju neke druge grupe. And I’m gonna continue to exercise that right ’till the day I leave this reality. Danton i Desmoulins su stanovali u vrlo radikalnom distriktu u kojem je