Download/Embed scientific diagram | Gondolas of a circulating detachable bicable ropeway. from publication: Modelling and simulation of bicable ropeways . The term “aerial ropeway” refers to an installation transporting passengers in The term “bicable” means that the two functions of carrying and hauling are filled . Manufacturer of Ropeways – BI Cable Ropeway, Monocable Pulsating Ropeway, BI Jig Back Ropeway and Jig-Back Ropeway offered by Gh Enterprises, Solan.

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This type costs less and station mechanicals are very simple. Vehicles can be slowed in the ropway and with the new Stop-and-Go technology they can even be stopped completely. With this type longer unsupported span is possible. View Contact Call Seller Now. With the constant support of our dexterous crew of technocrats, we are fulfilling the varied requirements of clients by manufacturing an optimum quality Material Handling Ropeway.

Ropeway And Cable Car Consultant. Its broad range ropewa capabilities includes creating new, more efficient members of its logistics solutions family; efficient power generation ropdway, troops protection solutions; creating advanced technology solutions.

Car capacity varies as individual cars can be combined to form train sets. Monocable technology The term “monocable” means roleway one single rope carries first function and hauls second function the carrier that is hung to it. This type can not be used by children or old persons. In Mono-Cable ropeways, the function of carrying and propelling the vehicles is taken over by just one rope, i. Monocable Ropeway Get Price. As the sets pass through the stations, the rope speed slows or the system may even stop.


Cabins can be up to 8 person capacity. Pulsed gondola ropeways are also fixed-grip installations. Double Loop Ropeway Get Price.

Avoriaz – France – With a transport capacity of over 6, passengers per hour, the tricable gondola lift is the system of choice for high-volume traffic areas and shorter transit times.

Tricable and bicable gondola lifts. Get a Best Deal. They are the perfect system for straight lines over short distances.

Top of the page. The tricable gondola lift is an advanced transportation system for both the discerning operator and the demanding passenger. The LEITNER 3S system offers various advantages such as simple cable deflection, optimum redundancy, patented hauling cable rollers with spring system and a compact station design.

Funiculars run on tracks and are mainly used to overcome altitude differences. For more information Inclined elevators.

Allowing about 16 seconds for boarding as well as de-boarding, its capacity works upto PPH. By using the website, you agree to the use of cookies I agree. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Therefore speed is limited to maximum 1. Hauling rope is an endless rope and one drive sheave on one end and one return sheave on the other side. Each technology can be combined with two different types of movement in the hauling or carrying-hauling rope movement: Tricable and bicable gondola lifts Economical solution for demanding terrain.


Explore our unique drive solutions.

Preamble – The STRMTG web site

Filter by X Reset filter Winter sports. They operate with one or more sets of vehicles lined up one after another.

The design offers significantly more stability with less weight. There are also reduced maintenance requirements, since the grip can now simply be removed.

Jig-Back Ropeway Get Price. For more information Pulsed Gondola ropeways. As a result, a significantly higher transport capacity as well as greater comfort for the passengers can be achieved.

In both systems, grips are detachable, meaning that the systems have a very high transport capacity.

Tricable and bicable gondola lifts

Inclined elevators employ the same basic technology as vertical elevators. Allowing about 16 seconds for both de-boarding and boarding its capacity works upto PPH. On the contrary, draglifts are lifts where the users remain permanently in contact with the ground and bicbale are very similar to trains.

Fixed Grip Chairlifts Fixed grip chairlifts have also been in use for decades and are often chosen for their robust engineering, long service life and relatively low investment costs.