Abstract. Introduction. Subjects and Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References. Article Figures. With regard to biocompatibility, two articles showed biodentine to be better and two showed comparable results, while in the case of sealing ability, one article. The article provides an overview of Biodentine clinical applications summarizing published clinical trials and reporting published clinical cases with this material.

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Biodentine and mineral trioxide aggregate induce similar cellular responses in a fibroblast cell line. Another important use of MTA and Biodentine is perforation repair and to deliver higher success rate, the material should possess high push out bond strength which aids to prevent the dislodgement of material during tooth function from the repair site. Related articles Biocompatibility; biodentine; in vitro studies; mineral trioxide aggregate; root-end filling; sealing ability. Bonson S et al.

Dent Mater J ; The interfacial water tightness is an important parameter of the functionality and longevity of a restoration.

On the other hand, in a longer incubation period, surviving cells could overcome the cytotoxic effect of glass ionomer [ 36 ]. A study with a flow particle image analyzer.

BioMed Research International

boidentine US Patent Number 5, MTA pulpotomy bipdentine human permanent molars with irreversible pulpitis. The setting time of Biodentine was determined as 45 minutes.


Calcium silicate based materials have gained popularity in recent years due to their resemblance to mineral trioxide aggregate MTA and their applicability in cases where MTA is indicated.

Chemical composition of MTA: Conservative treatment of a cervical horizontal root fracture and a complicated crown fracture: Biodentine contains zirconium oxide, allowing identification on radiographs.

An interesting clinical and histological study performed on molars to be extracted for orthodontic reasons showed that Biodentine had a similar efficacy to MTA in clinical setting and may well be regarded as an alternative for pulp capping biodetnine. However, the exact concentration of its components has not been provided by the manufacturer, various researchers have studied the same and provided the data.

Published online Aug 1. A comprehensive literature review- Part III: Though the contradictory statement could be due to the methodology used for the detection of leakage, further studies are warranted to clarify the leakage occurring with calcium silicate based materials. Mineral trioxide aggregate MTAa bioactive cement with excellent sealing ability and biocompatibility is capable of regenerating relatively damaged pulp and formation of dentin bridge when used as DPC agent.

J Hist Dent ; As Biodentine is recommended for use as a dentin substitute and perforation repair material, it should have sufficient amount of push-out bond strength with dentinal walls for the prevention of dislodgement from operated site.

Biodentine: A Promising Dentin substitute | OMICS International

They concluded that acid etching procedures after 7 days did not reduce the compressive strength of ProRoot MTA and Biodentine [ 2 ]. Amalgam, SuperEBA, and mineral trioxide aggregate. An ideal dental repair material should possess certain exclusive properties such as adequate adhesive ability, insolubility, dimensional stability, biocompatibility, bioactivity etc.


Similarly, in endodontic therapy, endodontic repair materials are being used, which ideally, should adhere to tooth structure; maintain a sufficient seal; be insoluble in tissue fluids; be dimensionally stable; nonresorbable, radiopaque and exhibit biocompatibility if not bioactivity.

biodentime The electrical resistance increases when the porosity of the system is reduced. Density and Porosity It is the critical factor which determines the amount of leakage and outcome of the treatment because greater pore diameter results in larger leakage which corresponds to the ingress and transmission of microorganisms and hence compromised hermetic seal. J Conserv Dent ; Mineral trioxide aggregate or calcium hydroxide direct pulp capping: Please leave a message, we will get back you shortly.

Serbian Dent J ; There were hydration products around the circumference of the calcium carbonate particles. A comprehensive literature review — Part I: Root end filling materials alter fibroblasts differentiation.

A chemical activity evaluation of two dental calcium silicate based materials.