Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into. Bloodfever is the second part of the Fever urban fantasy series by Karen Marie Moning. It starts immediately after the end of Darkfever and it makes virtually no.

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Even though we are supplied with plenty of new information, much is left unanswered leaving the reader delirious with anticipation. The most compelling character in this series for me is not the heroine, I honestly couldn’t care less for her. The “adult material” may have been slightly tamer but the language seemed to be bumped up.

A ruthless Grand Mistress. Mac certainly seems to be getting her act together towards the end of the book and she finally holds her own against Barrons and the rest of the clique.

Because after two books, we have achieved relatively nothing. The will shapes the world. I don’t like Mac. The books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series.

Barrons who informs her of a supernatural world of fairies and the oncoming and unknown-to-human war between the Fae world and Mankind. The only vices are sometimes lengthy descriptions concerning well known facts that have not much to do with the Fever’s universe. Are they eventually going to be love interests for one another? I don’t know what to think about him, I need to know more. All those people will have their part in the later events.


Even though we aren’t given answers to any of the big mysteries, we do find out little snippets. Sep 18, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl. Except Mac… because you just ended up punching her in the face. Join the mailing list. What if a meteor crashes into KMM’s house tomorrow and she never writes another word?

Rowena, on the other hand seems like a ruthless and cunning person with her own agenda. Original second re-read thoughts: No more pink bullshit, yay!

Blodfever world is complicated, mysterious and intriguing. In my opinion, Bloodfever is even better than Darkfever. Bloodfever [bluhd fee-ver] noun 1. Never forget she has not only lost her sister but every certainty about pretty much everything since she came to Dublin and somehow she hasn’ Second Re-read: Let’s see what the future holds for him.

But maybe I haven’t read enough fantasy books to judge. Now I know one of Barrons’ dirty little secrets. That girl is still inside her battling with the new Mac she is becoming.


So, in Georgia they call the hot lava game “don’t touch the alligator”? A big “Thank You” goes out to Jill for telling me to get all of the books at once, ’cause these cliffhanger endings would have killed me otherwise! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Yes, Bloodfever was a pretty awesome read. View all 11 bloodfeger. Karen Marie Moning is a genius.

I certainly don’t give a rat’s ass about your morals. There was more world-building in this one than action. Rowena is such a wicked character…I so hate her and hope she comes to a really gruesome ending!!!!!!!!


A seelie, unseelie, druid, fae…how old is this guy…is he immortal ……she can feel something in him that is not totally human. You must know that.

Mac is growing and learning. I still think that the writing is much tighter than KMM’s highlander series, but the characters leave a mighty lot to be desired. Books are doors to endless adventure. And, her stubbornness combined with her stupidly false bravado is going to keep getting her almost ksren and waiting for Jericho to save her every book.

We’re already past book 2 and the unspeakable has yet to happen. Maybe my tolerance for STOOPID has increased a bit after finishing Red Rising view spoiler [amazing science fiction series with a kick-petunia hero going around kicking petunias hide spoiler ]? Rainbow Mac still has some serious growing up to do. Not even with Barrons.

Darkfever – Wikipedia

Dreamy eyes, long dark lashes. Barrons is a prick, and this seemed like a long meander to nowhere. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. It doesn’t have much of a resolution in terms of the main story arc which is not a problem for mebut the kaaren story arc is as interesting, intense, dark and edgy. Jarie keep in mind dear reader that you should pay attention to Mac’s even briefest encounters.