Download CSE Seminar Topic on Blue jacking Seminar means sending of spam message to other Bluetooth user over mobile phones. BLUEJACKING 1. INTRODUCTION Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, . Abstraction- Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs or.

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Some devices will be called by their Phone manufacturer e. Bluejacking has become popular among young people wanting to play practical jokes.

Go to contacts in your Address Book program e.

We plan to do this as we incorporate Bluetooth positioning to the SmartRotuaari service platform. The field trial provided evidence supporting favorable user acceptance.

Bluejacking | Seminar Report and PPT for CSE Students

Maximum Permitted Power dBm. The various concepts related to bluejacking are as follows: One such appropriation is bluejacking, the practice of sending short, unsolicited messages via vCard functionality to other Bluetooth-enabled phones. Knowing of potential problems of jacking and denial of service attacks of Bluetooth is the first step.

Bluetooth has a very limited range; usually around 10 meters on mobile phones, but laptops can reach up to meters with powerful transmitters. Place your device in this bag and it blocks all transmissions and receiving signals from leaving the bag. So an obvious countermeasure is software that takes all these applications and shields your phone, PDA, or other devices for transmitting or receiving when you do not want to.

In order to carry out a bluejacking, the sending and receiving devices must be within 10 meters of one another.


CSE Seminar Topic on Blue jacking Seminar Report

We present a thorough quantitative evaluation of the system in a laboratory bluejacknig and qualitative user evaluation in form of a field trial in the real environment of use.

Some of them are as follows: Devices that are set in non-discoverable mode are not susceptible to bluejacking. The main fields where the bluejacking is used are as follows: Then the phone will be searching for enabled Devices.

The method which Bluetooth radios connect to each other in a piconet is fairly simple.

The word bleujacking probably is a portmanteau from snort and scarf and derived as a rather malicious form of sniffing. Dating bluejackkng gaming events could be facilitated using Bluetooth as a channel to communicate between participants. Then scroll down to send. Save the new contact. Obviously, customers should demand the ability to use longer PINs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

This way, when the same Bluetooth devices wish to communicate again, they use the stored link key. Bluetooth has a very limited seeminar usually around 10 meters on mobile phones, but laptops can reach up to meters with powerful transmitters.

Other initiatives for Bluetooth have been seen in the automotive and medical industries in that manufactures have begun to include Bluetooth access in cars and medical monitoring equipment.

Report on Bluejacking | Daud sayyed –

It is also an extremely likely that the term was coined bluejavking cartoon characters in American pop-culture. They give the speed of 1 MB per second. With the advent of powerful PDAs and mobile devices, Bluebugging can now be carried out using these devices. Bluejacking does not involve the removal or alteration of any data from the device.


Advertising on mobile devices has large potential due to the very personal and intimate nature of the devices and high targeting possibilities. However, there is another mode of work, which requires entering the PIN into both devices every time they wish to communicate, even if they have already been paired before. The system could also learn user preferences by placing options like “more ads like this” and “less ads like this” in each advertisement.

This type of software applications exist but cost a lot. By his name it was termed as blue jack.

This suggests that bluejackers are targeting strangers, presumably taking advantage of anonymity, opportunities for interaction and available Bluetooth enabled devices afforded by densely populated public spaces.

OBEX is transport neutral, as with the hypertext transfer protocol HTTPwhich means that it can work over almost any other transport layer protocol. Initially, Bluebugging was carried out using laptops. Knowing that these things can occur may help a user think twice in when and where it is best to use their device. Try one at random and look around to see who grabs their phone and then looks perplexed when they read your message: In this mode, the device does not implement any security procedures, and allows any other device to initiate connections with it.

This software is compatible with pocket PC, palm, Windows.