Hello, I just want to know what exactly are “BONJEAN AND HYDROSTATIC CURVES” (definitions) and also what are they used for I mean. For more accuracy and larger trims the Bonjean curves can be used. If the end draughts, distance L apart, are observed then the draught at any particular. bonjean curve. Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion (TPC) For each waterplane the area defines, for a given density of water, the change in buoyancy in tonnes is.

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He’s making a quiz, and checking it twice If M L is the longitudinal metacentre, the righting movement will be:. The forces due to these buoyancy forces will produce a moment which will act so as to oppose the change of trim.

Do you already have an account? What should the master look for when they join, and what should be his priorities? Facilitate and possible are not synonyms.

Log in or Sign up. The capacity of those compartments was known, and therefore the amount of water which got in in the 40 minutes was known.

Hence, GM L will not vary much with the loading of the ship. Q Claimants attorney Betts Will you tell us how you made that calculation? It rises and curves forward on the profile, indicating bonjeann transverse area of the hull at that location on the hull. Encyclopedia Titanica Message Board. This infers that, had the damage control computations been processed by modern software instead of hyper-stressed human agency in the form of Thomas Andrews, the outcome might indeed have been thus different.


Bonjean, at least now I have a date! Your name bonuean email address: Customarily, a ship is divided into a number of equidistant stations, usually ten note that these stations are not necessarily coincident with her watertight bulkheads.

Your circumstances or experience may be different. Boat Design Net does not curfes endorse nor share the view of each individual post. Keep it up guys Considering the infinitely variable conditions of lading of such as a tweendeck or lower hold containing general cargo, once you get past the design stage ‘permeability’ must border on wild guesswork.

Bonjean Curves | Definition of Bonjean Curves by Merriam-Webster

You can also login with FacebookTwitter or Google! They are normally plotted as a fair bonnean on a profile of the ship. In this case, it might be inferred that the Bonjean Curves were deficient. JonesMar 21, With GHS and other programs I’m not sure how people interact with data to 0.

Reverting to Mr Wilding’s recourse to Bonjean curves in his attempt to aggregate the area of the breaches through which the sea entered, I see him as overly reliant upon dubious evidence as to waterlines, elapsed times and the permeability of the bilged compartments.

Ever anxious to prise apart the synapses with more essential information with which to face down the vicissitudes of curvrs, I am trying to durves down a biography or obituary of the originator of Bonjean curves we speak of little else where I come from.

  DIN 18160 TEIL 5 PDF

There is no justification given for why Bedford and Hackett made those alterations aside from that it “seems not unreasonable for the type of opening ucrves suspect was caused by the collision. Wilding new his his calculations that were at fault, so he turned to “massaging” the data. Brian HawleyMar 20, A curve of the area of any cross-section to various draughts furves against draught is useful in a number of calculations.

Explore the year a word first appeared. I’m sure we have lost most of the ET contributors–or at least put them to sleep.

Sorry for any possible grammatical error, please explain if you are able to. Especially that Wilding had to recalculate his figures, and the issue of internal fittings impeding flooding.

What are bonjean and hydrostatic curves??

Most often they are used in stability calculations, determining the capacity of the ship, or in launching calculations. The same curves are still used for similar purposes today.

Other variables include the duration over which the flooding occurred and its location.

The unit of draught change considered is one centimetre, giving the tonnes per cm immersion TPC. Other quantities can be plotted, like the form coefficients block, prismatic, and midshipor wetted surface area.