This book provides step-by-step instructions on performing specific tasks using boujou. This book describes the features and functionality available in boujou . When it worked, it worked well, and when it didn’t, it was often easier to move to a manual solution. As the versions have progressed, boujou. Throughout this boujou tutorial, we’ll take our first steps into the program. Software required: Boujou 5, Maya , NUKE 7.

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As before, you need at least 7 locator keyframes on a frame and at least 10 feature tracks joining this frame to the next set of locator keyframes.

When you add a second spring to another vertex the model will start boyjou rotate in the 2D view. Those sections can then be used to improve other areas.


Log in or sign up in seconds. The connections that you make in one frame can be used to automatically generate views in other frames. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Make sure that your locator keyframes are on the same frames as the solve keyframes. Structure Generation For each track a 3D point will be computed using the solved camera.

The beauty of Reference Frames is that it’s not complicated to use. For more information about the embedded scripting contact 2d3support 2d3. When it worked, it worked well, and when it didn’t, it was often easier to move to a manual solution.

Boujou Matchmoving Software by Vicon | VICON

Reprojection Error To visualize the reprojection error, open a camera tracked project and make the following changes to a 2D view window 1. Align the model so that it matches the car in the sequence as closely as possible. Two clicks and the majority of your shots can be matchmoved automatically. The Automatic Sequential Solver now available in boujou is a huge time-saver. The Pattern Matching Tracker in boujou has been completely rewritten so it provides a faster bounou.


Go to the Scripts menu and choose Export Meshes to Maya.

When you have finished adding locators display the model again and align it using the vertex align mode. It either worked, or it didn’t. It’s a very simple workflow that adds an enormous amount of additional functionality. This is the starting point for creating your own camera views.

Both the mesh and the solved point only exist for a couple framesI have nothing during most of the video. You can also use the solve key schedule to tell you the best frames for adding locator keyframes on, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of using boujoj data. Now it still has that basic functionality, but it’s been expanded with a lot more depth. Unfortunately I can’t be much help.

boujou Matchmove Software – Win (x86) | VICON

Find out more about cookies. When it has finished make sure that you turn on the radial overlay on before viewing the result in the 2D view. Create User Solve — this will create a solve that contains no camera views or structure.

As the versions have progressed, boujou has added more and more functionality, giving users the means for increased refinements. If the key schedule is very sparse then certain sections of the shot may have very few 3D predictions, even though they seem to lots of feature tracks.


You can see where these keys have been put by looking at the Graph view or the Summary window. It may be useful to view only the active 3D points those whose track has a feature in the currently selected frame when generating meshes so that points arising from non-continuous surfaces are not connected together.

boujou 5 Review: Matchmoving Enters its Maturity

Default View from Known 3D — creates a new camera view based on the coordinate frame of the imported model. You have the option of deleting all existing solves when you run complete camera solving, or you can keep them in your project for reference or backup. Tick the Create User Solve checkbox The Input Focal Length dialog will appear — set the focal length to 25mm the default is 30mm Click on OK and the model of the car should appear in the default position in the middle of the image.

Previous versions of boujou took the entire shot into account before delivering a solve. This will calculate the solve key schedule.

Basically, you shoot a bunch of still pictures from different angles during a shoot, and if you run into a situation where you don’t have enough camera data, you can add the information from the still images and come up with a solve.