“The censorship list is published quarterly in the magazine ‘BPjM-aktuell’ which can be read in any major library in Germany,” wrote Drake. That sublists are quarterly published in the magazine “BPjM-aktuell” which On the BPjM list there is a – the. BPJM-Aktuell 3 (): 11– Olson, Cheryl K. “Video Game Politics: An Update ,” , available at

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The decision to index a work has a variety of legal implications. On the BPjM list there is a entryirgend. The Stasi Played Along”. So far, importing console games has not led akteull an incrimination of any publisher. The BPjM sees it as its responsibility to use the decision to index works harmful to young people in order to raise bpj that there is content which is unsuitable and damaging for children and minors.

The actual blacklist is much more extensive than what’s published here. This can be traced back to the differing positions of various public prosecutor’s offices, and a clarification of the legal position by law enforcement agencies would consequently be helpful.

Oh no, there’s been an error

But the Council deciding over indexing stuff is made up of “volunteers” that usually don’t hold government jobs there are mandates as to the configuration: The Germans have taken it one step further – they then categorized this list. The rationale for this was that they would affect young people in a “nerve-inflaming and brutalizing way” and “transport them into an unreal world of lies”.

I think that you define “censorship” and “government” differently than I do. The idea behind those lists for the vast majority on it is to limit access for young adults not the general public.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Public prosecutors have not been unanimous in this regard, but publishers tend to err on the side of safety: All indexed virtual works harmful to young people whose distribution is prohibited under Article 4 of the Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag Sublist D: It also provides a legal basis for the actions of the BPjM.


Nonetheless, there are numerous lists available on the Internet that reveal which media has been indexed or confiscated.

German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites

The ultimate stupidity of this debacle is the fact that the German government thinks it can undo what’s been done The ultimate stupidity, and something everyone should be worried about, is that a citizen of one country is expected to comply with another country’s laws.

This un-hashed list was posted to the user’s Neocities blog, along with some analysis of the blacklist’s contents and a rundown on aktufll minimal protective efforts used for the list. In fact, as is noted in the post, a majority of the list bpj, publicly viewable.

December 23rd – 29th 9 Friday Some German23 Jul 1: Yet another example why “black lists” don’t work. The biggest issue is the list itself, the one the government wants to keep out of the hands of the public, as Neocities points out.

Now the German government is pressuring Neocities to take the site down, and are claiming we were breaking German and possibly US law by hosting a copy of the list of sites that they distribute. Sheogorath profile22 Jul 7: The sublists A, B and E contain about movies, games, printed works and audio recordings. That doesn’t change the fact though that the threat by the KJM was stupid and has no basis in law and the function and existence of the BPjM should be questioned.

Which is rarely but not never the case. Secondly, that the individuals making the decisions aren’t government employees doesn’t factor into whether or not this aktull governmental action.


German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites | Techdirt

A well-known example of a confiscated work is Wolfenstein 3Dwhich was confiscated due to the use of Nazi symbols such as swastikas. After that, the work is automatically removed from the Index.

Case22 Jul The situation has gotten more relaxed sincewhen age ratings became binding except for parental guardians and in return anything which does have a rating cannot be put on the index any more. Leave it to a government agency to craft one of the emptiest paragraphs to ever grace an official takedown request.

Can search engines operating in Germany choose to ignore these restrictions without repercussions from the government? This is also true for list B even when it says that distribution is prohibited by law that is an assesment of the BPjM and not binding until a court decides. The hearing, which representatives of the work in question can take part in, is oral and not open to the public.


Beyond that, the government body building the list seems to be suffering from technical ineptitude, resulting in supposedly blocked bjm not being blocked at all. One reason for this is the legal uncertainty as to whether a critical discussion of an indexed work is legally permissible or whether it infringes the advertising ban. Not the ultimate stupidity but pretty dumb nevertheless: An application for indexing will be accepted only if the panel votes unanimously.

It is not the Government censoring stuff or trying to censor the list of censored stuff.