It is written as a recorded dialogue between the Rishi Parashara and his disciple Maitreya. The origins of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are controversial. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (abbreviated to BPHS) is a foundational compilation of Hora Shastra is the most comprehensive extant work on natal astrology in Hindu astrology ascribed to any Rishi or sage according to the text itself. Buy Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Second Japanese translation (Japanese Edition): Second Japanese translation (Japanese Edition) by [Rishi Parashara] .

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Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

If Bandhu’s Lord is in Dhan Bhava, the native will enjoy pleasures, all kinds of wealth, family life and honour parashada be adventurous. If Candr is irshi Lagn, which is not however Cancer, parzshara be with Rahu, there will occur white leprosy. Bhattotpala made extensive commentaries of the important astrological texts of his time, wrote his own texts and was certainly the most learned astrologer of his day. Out of all the Grahas Sani is the eldest. Education – Next 12 Months.

If the total is below 5, the Grah will not be capable of giving auspicious results. If Yuvati’s Lord is in Dhan Bhava, the native will have many wives, will gain wealth through his wife and be procrastinating in nature.

More so, if there be additionally a malefic in the said House. Should Yuvati Lord be in Ari, 8 thor Vyaya, the wife will be sickly.

There will be penury right from birth and the native will have to beg even for his food, if the Lords of Dhan and Labh Bhava are both combust, or with malefics. If 2nds Lord is in 11th House, the native will have all kinds of wealth, be ever diligent, honourable and famous. If Candr is lonely placed in Sahaj Bhava with Drishti of male Grahas, there will be younger brothers, while the Drishti of Sukr denotes younger sisters.


If 8ths Lord is in 5th House, the native will be dull witted, will have limited number of children, be long-lived and wealthy. The five groups of Avasthas planetary conditions are found nowhere else.

If the Lord of Karm Bhava is relegated to Randhr Bhava along with Rahu, the native will hate others; be a great fool and will do bad deeds. O Maitreya, listen to other matters, which I am explaining.

He will be intelligent, fickle-minded, will have two wives and will unite with other females. If 7ths Lord is in 1st House, the native will hira to others wives, be wicked, skilful, devoid of courage and afflicted by windy diseases.

If 3rds Lord is in 4th House, the native will be happy, wealthy and intelligent, but will acquire a wicked spouse. If 9ths Lord is in 8th House, the native will not be prosperous and will not enjoy happiness from his elder brother. If 11ths Lord is in 7th House, the native will always gain through his wifes relatives, be liberal, virtuous, sensuous and will remain at the command of his spouse. It has strength in night and is fiery. If Lagn’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava, the native will be endowed with paternal and maternal happiness, will have many brothers, be lustful, virtuous and charming.

If Ari, 7 th and 8 th are in their order occupied by Mangal, Rahu and Sani, the native’s wife will not live long. Expenses on Good Accounts. It has many feet i. If the Lord of Vyaya Bhava is in Dharm Bhava, while Dharm’s Lord is in its debilitation Navahs, the native’s father will face his end during the 3 rdor the 16 th year of the native. Guru has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in Shastras.

Choudhari inin two volumes. If Yuvati’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will incur penury, be a miser and his livelihood will be related to clothes.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

The first verse of the second part in the Khemraj Press edition says that the first part had verses in 80 chapters. When Guru is in Labh, Sukr is in Dhan and beihat benefic is placed in Vyaya Bhava, while Dhan’ s Lord is yuti with a benefic, there will be expenses on religious, or charitable grounds.


Descriptions of Grahas, Rasis, Bhavas and Vargas the basics. If Ari’s Lord is in Labh Bhava, shasta native will gain wealth through his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous and will be somewhat bereft of progenic happiness.

This is the Vimshopak Bal, relating to Shad Parasbara division. His wife will be troubled by diseases, be devoid of good disposition and will not obey the native. Effects of Bandhu Bhava 1. Vyatipat is also inauspicious. The Rasi, becoming Ari Bhava, will lead to the knowledge of the concerned limb.

A Grah with above 15 will yield wholly favourable effects.

These durations differently apply to different places commensurate with variable day and night durations. If Ari’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will always spend on vices, be hostile to learned people and will torture living beings.

Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara

If Putr’s Lord is with Candr, or is in her Decanate, the native will beget daughters; so say Jyotishis. An English translation was published by N.

His motion is an apparent one, as viewed from the rotating earth. Lagn Dasha years will equal the number of Rasis, intervening between the natal Lagn and Varnad. It relates to hurricanes ‘Prabharanjani’. All articles, son’s wife, income, prosperity, quadrupeds etc. Abodes of the Grahas. If 7ths Lord is in 2nd House, the native will have many wives, will gain wealth through his wife and be procrastinating in nature.