RELAXATION FOR BODY AND SOUL. In today’s society, the way we take care of our own health has changed considerably over the past few years and lots of. 1 Überblick in dem gesamte Meeting zu empfangen, so falls jeder Beteiligten wirklich uff (berlinerisch) derselben Page befinden sich. T+ weekly jetzt-auch-auf-berlinerisch T+ weekly.

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The formation layer always tried distancing to proper high German. The Prussian royal court used it anyway, as almost all the nobles, especially of the 18th century than to copy colloquial language in the pursuit, Versailles; Voltaire contributed to this through its close relationship with Frederick II.

Diminutives ending in- ken or sken. Today Although berlinerisfh Berlinische is the central idiom of a dialect area that extends today over Berlin, Brandenburg and parts of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony -Anhalt and Saxony.

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Un if ick ‘s again tu ‘, krieje ick no ‘ more. As a medium- German dialect on the border of the Low German Berlinische has the second sound shift is not performed in many cases, but keeps the Low German forms. So it is believed today that in Berlin as an important commercial and administrative center early, increased pressure for use of High German was, the bs as superstrate on the colloquial language of the servants, workers and maids. Occasionally, the Berlinische found in advertising again, to emphasize a local flavor.

Berlinerisch dialect

When Berlinerischen is linguistically not a dialect but a rarely encountered ” Metrolekt “, an emerging from a mixture of many different dialects in large urban centers urban language. One could, if one has ears, hear, from which city area of tribal spokesman [ Berlin participates in many popular throughout East Middle German -speaking linguistic peculiarities.


This, however, historical variants have been blurred, so that is now rumored misrepresented that the Berlin dialect would also spoken in the phonetically closely related language areas of the northern Brandenburg and Saxony- Anhalt as in Berlin ” Gz “.

Unchanged the language in Berlin is influenced by immigrant waves and accordingly remains unstable. Altberliner nursery rhyme If ick stand on Fensta ‘ and slaughter ‘ne disc entzwee ‘ then setztet wedges ‘Ne Janze while. Many visitors keep these peculiarities – in fact wrongly – for ” typical Berlin-style “.

Berlinerisch dialect

For the language of various influences were important. This view was precisely by ubiquitous wit the Berlin who likes to work with shifts be snapped on terms. This may be due to the fact that Berliners was frowned upon within the region for a long time as auff dialect of the common people.

Dieset Wujekeife, det I bejreife nich, duht hurt me in de deepest soul. Nanu ” thinking ” ick, ick thinking ‘: Only recently have attacked this new dialect over the surrounding countryside, which had hitherto remained ostniederdeutsch. berlinerisvh

There was in the mindset and the tone in the melody or Unmelodik, with such a set is laid. Bedlinerisch Through the extensive use of general terms of High German, there was still no need for a written use and the Berliners is a dialect.


You have nothing around marbles.

Wejen the heat “. In the written record of the Berlinischen uncertainty, as each speaker uses the phonetics varying degrees and depending on the occasion used stronger or more high German ” berlinernde ” phonetics.


Die Eigenschaften des Sitzungssaals. Die unerwartete Axiom über allen Sitzungssaal

During the data collection for the German Linguistic Atlas s Low German dialects or low – German dialects were spoken Berlinische mixing in numerous places that are now part of the urban area of Berlin. About such sentences the Berlin go away plain and simply give a similar set back. A consensus on the written record does not exist.

The Berlin vernacular is famous for ubiquitous interspersed with nicknames and to be relatively rough. Thus, the centers of the dialect are found mainly in the old inner city areas and parts of East Berlin, where relatively few immigrants were resident.

Other explanations reach back to older origins.

For example, is found in Schinkel in his travel diary from again which We have So respect for the incorrect Berlin! This led to a strong repression of Berlinerns from everyday berllinerisch.

The battery uses the dative Berlin for both ‘me’ and for ‘me’ universal expression, ma ‘. This created a separate Metrolekt of standard High German with clear medium German base, but beerlinerisch Low German substrate.