Results 1 – 36 of 36 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of C3g Tube. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. Buy C3G vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Built specifically for the German post, these are special quality – 10, hour pentodes for use in AF and RF circuits. This really is the ULTIMATE preamp tube.

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My tests are verified with many other tubes. Any “S” versions are rare and expensive.

C3g Siemens Order Nr: Pa max is 3,5W. Da sind Verwechselungen doch vorprogrammiert So don’t ask which one is “better”. If the days come where we only c3b buy used one, it’s no problem too, since the end-of-life is clearly specified in the data sheets. C3g-S New C3g New.

C 3g, Tube C3g; Röhre C 3g ID, Vacuum Pentode

However, here is another one that looks like the Lorentz? Of course there are some remaining functions left, amongst which is dust catching yes! Frame grids generally give better quality fube, though it must be said that the quality of C3m is just as superb, and I make the statement here for C3g and C3m, that there is no better tube available of the same kind.

What to do, if you don’t like the metal cap? Some can be small square plates as you see here. Rajtko kindly sent some pictures of his D3a collection and C3g valves:.


The tubes were tested one by one, by hand, and many settings had to be made, before all parameters could be tested. C3g-S is a hidden treasure. Best photo of a C3g: High Amplification, low noise, long life, no distortion, small size, low filament power.

The ideal repeater amplifier adds no noise, has no distortion, draws no current, is very small, and needs no service. A Zirconium getter is expensive and it works like this: At least this proves to me, this is something real, and not some special action done, for some customer. This open construction is the best for finest linearity.

My C3g tubes are still in their metal cans.


SN to Let nobody fool you. Frage an das Forum: There seems to be a problem fube the request at this time. Any tube from So far, I was not able to find the factory specifications for this, but one day, I hope “coincidence” is going to help us out here.

A new tube, with too much plate current in auto bias, that should better not happen.


tuge I ended up changing the LED to minimise distortion: C3g as well as D3a a really linear and revered valves in triode mode. However little tubes like C3g can not really use the getter any more after activation.

Please read more about “fake” testing here, because some sellers do so with the U-trace. Das ist sehr freundlich, wie oft von Ihnen, den Beitrag so zu kommentieren.


C3m C3o is a C3m with 6. As best I can tell, all these tubes with shiny black cans appear to have been manufactured c3t the same factory in the ‘s.

This will easily fool a fixed bias test, but it can tubd fool an auto bias test. So you are a “repeater”, and with enough repeaters, you can send a message over great distance, regardless the high noise level. Auch ein Herr Micha B.

Siemens C3g Vintage Tube & Tube Socket

They can be used triode connected, but then gain comes down a lot, and the distortion increases to a level just below triodes like 6SN7. These tubes used to cost DM when new, I have seen an original price list myself. Had the opportunity today to trace some great Siemens pentodes in both pentode and triode modes:.

Same as with ECC81, 82, 83, there is c3g and c3m. But, I have tried, and best is, just read it a few l times, until a light begins to shine. Auf der Website der mit dem Radiomuseum. We all know that what looks really good in paper not necessarily translates into a great sounding driver, but at least is the best start. Buying Format see all. Antique radios, Old Time Radios.