Hello, I am brand new to trueSpace and have Caligari trueSpace Beta 8 and have downloaded and looked at much of the excellent. Index of /truespace/download/manuals. Name · Last modified · Size · Description · Parent Directory, -. , , K. Does anyone have a User Manual for truSpace? The version I installed is truSpaceBeta and if I go to the Help menu and click on ‘Manual.

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Was the object originally created in tS3? Luna Dude The MoonMan’s new site. Creative 3D list of trueSpace Video Tutorials.

D iBrent I’m joking, of course. That way at least users could ‘pull together’ a printed set. I’m willing to bet that there is enough of a difference between TS7.

That was it for me, I forked out the extra cash and got myself the printed manual.

truespace manual

I changed my mind very quickly after see the page numbers. November 24, at BTW thanks for trueSpace everyone: January 16, at 1: No printed manual for TrueSpace 7. I guess I just favor 6.

Please feel free to join the U3DA forum mentioned above for orphaned trueSpace artists. I looked at the sites with the skull and crossbones, but without result I hope to have more mankal with the link that you have shown me Thank you very much Armando. Don’t go down that “saving tree’s” road it’s just shameful.


Smooth learning curve and elegance factor…well, not so much. Discussions also cover books and articles related to trueSpace, caliyari well as suggestions on how to deal with questions about trueSpace. Scripting an animation using a text file.

Does this mean I have to stay in TS7 to use it as a solid? You have the option of working with the bridge on or off, depending on what your desired outcome is. June 1, at 5: I am one of the customers that preordered trueSpace 7 before it was released, and therefore qualify for the free upgrade to version 7.

Render-lab, tutorials for trueSpace 6. Draise’s Tutorial Archive of the video tutorials formerly on the Caligari site. November 23, at 6: For one side, are customers who wants to get the old way printed manual.

It will last for more then next few hundred of years if I will not throw it in the trash can. Just a request on my part, perhaps others would be interested as well!

A more practical request, however, would be that you make sure you have a robust ability to search truesace documentation. RsObj Keep in mind you may have to reapply any materials since tS3 uses the rPlus render engine and 7. It’s not necessarrily something to be proud of, but I still have the original boxes and printed manuals for Truespace from version 3 and up.


Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. December 25, at May 31, at 1: Nice color images, ability to zoom-in and out as desired, depending on monitor and of course condition of eyes: When I load it into TS3, it comes in as a mesh. Notify me of new manua via email. Got janual Vray 1.

Caligari trueSpace Community : Links, News, Tutorials

I don’t mind PDF for small documents, 20, 30, 40 pages and that’s even pushing it for mebut hundreds of pages Probably be more enjoyable if I maxed out my RAM capacity and, you know, bought an actual real video card.

Caligari have always [or at least for the last few years] offered 3 options: Thanks, and thanks to all the other dedicated folks too.

Just looking for a good renderer again. Caligari, that’s a huge mistake. It has some new tools that 6.