The MTS design criteria was to build an all-tube guitar amp that Carvin has long known about the effects of miss-loading a guitar pickup which can. A few months ago, I purchased a used Carvin MTS from a friend . ive herd of this before unfortunately i blew my mts up last night. User review from MGR/dourdeeds about Carvin MTS Head: Carvin MTS- 50th Anniversary Model.

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What this does is takes our nice tube gain and as our volume climbs, which means more voltage passes through the circuit in a high-level sensewe begin to feed the second gain stage and drive it higher and higher.

Besides, the heaters for a pair of 12AX7’s are much less likely to short and damage something than the heaters in a quad of 6L6’s and the other 3 12AX7’snone of which have any sort of fusing protection, so I wonder what they were 2300 Other than that, things are very straightforward. The lead channel i had to remedy. The JCM uses opamps carvon gain stages, where the Carvin just uses diodes to clip the signal between tube stages. W Tango Delta July 6, at 3: But honestly, I haven’t done much to check into it deeper.

opinions on the carvin MTS head? | Harmony Central

Between V and V, I’m guessing there’s some voltage drop on the jumper wires in between. What should be an awesome sample of audio orgasm really turns into a cheap dirt pedal in the chain. After I review the photos of the stock assembly and I triple check my re-connections after reassembly I’m a gonna power this puppy up! Phil MSep 10, As well, ma through those resistors means they’re each dissipating 0.


It’s not in there because I don’t like it, but I live in a condo so in rooms this small an amp like that goes from 0 to loud instantly.

The Brad June 17, at 5: A better option would be to obtain a much better spec’d transformer that was up to the task; however, I have not researched potential replacements – though I would not expect it be too difficult as long as voltage was roughly the same and the same taps existed.

Join the HC Newsletter. Anyways, my two cents. It’s not so huge of a deal in most modern amps, but I also tend to mtx a lot of vintage amp work and in that case it is a big deal. So, after some horse-trading, I called the MTS mine. It is not a Fender clean by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s competent for most things. That’s about what I’ve heard as well. Sep 10, Thanks a lot, Matt. Yeah, for the record, I don’t think either amps sucks.

opinions on the carvin MTS 3200 head?

LEDs are just diodes themselves so they affect the signal clipping in a similar fashion with different colors bringing about different responses.

I own a ’98 MTS Brad, you’re selling this pretty good but the title of the post implies a problem … For being a tube amp, the entire thing is pretty sterile. The clean channel is pretty darn nice, and even does the SRV edge of breakup thing too, which i wasn’t expecting. Also most tend to agree the reverb is a little harsh. I pulled the diodes and just installed a 56K resistor between C14 and ground, neglecting to uncouple C14 from pin 7 with another resistor.

Although it is a tube head, Carvin made a decision in the mids to use clipping diodes to drive the high-gain aspects of the amp.


All the non-heater voltages look fine, but heaters are definitely undervolted. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I didn’t put in the pf in parallel, which would actually increase treble rather than reduce it think of it like the bright cap on mtw volume pot. The sound was OK, but any adjustment to the Drive control gave a great big scratching sound. Login or Sign Up.

I used to own a Marshall Silver Jubilee with clipping diodes and I liked that amp quite a bit so I’m willing to mess around with this one just to see what it sounds like. This is an 80’s trick that was employed in some pretty big name amps at the time, but it’s a technique that ccarvin kind of like spandex, leg warmers, and big hair – it’s time went and passed and is now better left in the decade of Gordon Gekko. I’ve never been a fan of the integrated silicon-based dirt found in a lot of designs like this one, the JCMseries, and a lot of the Fender products.

I don’t know if it’s worth 320 effort on this mtss of design.

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS ? | The Gear Page

R29 and R30 supply heaters for two tubes ma per tube at 6. If your circuit is worth protecting then just throw a fuse in rather than something like jts melting resistor.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. This review was originally published on http: At least they kept them out of the V