These tapes (now on one CD) have meant the world to me. Regardless what you think about Castaneda, these “exercises” are both energizing and relaxing. “TENSEGRITY” AND MAGICAL PASSES. Carlos Castaneda interviewed for The New Times by Clair Baron More than thirty years ago, as an anthropologist. Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Dreaming Castaneda Images of a 20th-century sorcerer. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird.

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Aside from Partin, whose remains were discovered inall of the women remain missing to this day.

The story behind their disappearances is strange, tangled and somewhat disturbing. Supposedly this Don Juan took Castaneda on various spiritual journeys and showed him new ways of knowledge based on Native American mystical traditions.

It was all a hoax.

Don Juan did not exist, and various investigations proved that Castaneda fabricated many important events in his past. Castaneda dropped out of sight in and, while continuing to write, repackaged his philosophy as Tensegrity, which he said was derived from the tejsegrity of the nonexistent Don Juan and various Native American philosophies. While pushing the Tensegrity tensegrrity was promoted mainly through workshops—Castaneda amassed a number of female followers who typically changed their names and went into seclusion with him.

Disappeared: The Women of Tensegrity, missing 15 years.

A number of these women were also apparently his lovers. On April 27,Castaneda died of liver cancer in Los Angeles. Patricia changed her name to Nury Alexander, cut her hair short and bleached it blond. Etnsegrity seems to have changed when she went into seclusion with Castaneda.

Witnesses speak of her reverting to a child-like state, and there are reports that new followers of the Tensegrity group were told to play dolls with her. After the leader died, Partin and the other women close to him closed down and left the Los Angeles compound where he had lived and suffered through his final illness. They disconnected their phones and essentially dropped off the grid. Near the spot where her car was found, some hikers came across human bones in It took three years for the bones to be identified, but the suspicions were proven correct—the partial skeleton, found buried in sand and castabeda by shreds of pink jogging pants, turned out to be Patricia Partin.

She is to date the only one of the Tensegrity women whose remains have been found.


Although she advanced to candidacy, she quit graduate study in and went to castanrda with Castaneda. Five years later she published a book called Shabono: This book was about the Yanomami Indians of the Amazon region.


In this book she hinted—but did tensegtity seem to have claimed specifically—that she lived among them. Donner-Grau published two more books on sorcery and witchcraft, one in and another in No trace of her has ever been found. She changed her name to Taisha Abelar and moved in with Castaneda when he first purchased his compound on Pandora Avenue in Westwood, a neighborhood ccastaneda Los Angeles. She was a devotee of karate—as were some of the others—and Tensegrity borrows heavily from some martial arts and tai-chi traditions, which might be the influence of Abelar.

There are reports of her drinking heavily in the final tensegriyy. She too vanished the day after Castaneda died. She was supposedly originally from Norway and at some point became an associate of Castaneda and a Tensegrity instructor. No other details of her disappearance appear to be available.

Shockingly, Amalia Marquez is the only one of the Tensegrity women whose disappearance was actively investigated by law enforcement. She is the only one who has a case file on the Charley Project which started me down this road. It has this to say:.

Marquez was last seen in Los Angeles, California during Aprilthree days prior to her forty-third birthday. She has never been heard from again. Marquez was the president of ClearGreen Inc. Castaneda died of liver cancer on April 27,but his death was not made public until June. April was the same month Marquez and did four of his other disciples disappeared.

All of their telephone numbers were reportedly disconnected on the same day. As we have seen, there are xastaneda photographs and information available; and one of the women, Partin, was found.

Amalia Marin was born in Puerto Rico, became active in business and eventually followed Castaneda, changing her name to Amalia Marquez. She was the businesswoman of the group and was, as Charley Project states, the president of the company pushing Tensegrity.

What happened to the Tensegrity women? The bones of Patricia Partin provide the most useful clue. Probably she died a cold and lonely death, shivering in the desert, or perhaps she was attacked by an animal.

Although the suicide theory makes castanera, there tenserity other possible explanations too. Maybe Patricia Partin and the other women took off tensegeity the desert not with the intent to die, but hoping to contact his spirit or see some sort of vision.

Maybe only Partin went to the desert and the others went off to other places. So, it is possible. There is a great article from Salon. Also, a website called SustainedAction,org is dedicated to educating the public about Castaneda, and it includes much information on the disappearances.

Perhaps when she went into the desert she was convinced she would be able to leave this world, the same way Don Juan did. She definitely succeeded in the former. Thanks for the write up. Amalia is my cousin. She then changed her name to Talia Bey. Just now I came across your entry on the missing women closest to Carlos Castaneda. My wife and I secretly followed and filmed Carlos and everyone close to him for two years up to the time he died. And of course you have my after the fact permission to use her photo.


You can easily find the only photo of her with her phone that I also took. Her relation to Carlos was more distant than castandda others, and she lived in an apartment a few blocks away from his compound.

She was inseparable from her phone and was constantly yakking on it day and night. Thanks for your interesting insight! Yes, I suspected whatever became of Carol was different than the others. Has there been any sightings of any of the women? Here is a link to a photo of Kylie.

I left the group shortly after they became more public. I got out in time……. I still think of them often I wish I knew where they were.

Tensegrity – about the practice of Carlos Castaneda’s magical passes

Kylie often told me that she had a stash of pills in case she needed to leave. There have been no sightings. Given this fact and the discovery of the remains of Patricia Partin, the conclusion that all of them are now dead is almost inescapable.

Very interesting that you knew them personally. Thanks for this overview of the disappearances. That said, after reading books by Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar I am fairly convinced that Castaneda wrote these books. Certainly there is no way to prove this, but it makes sense that he gensegrity try to salvage his teensegrity before he died. Suffice it to say… I am no longer a fan. Carol Tiggs came back and attended one of the workshops of Cleargreen in September And will be attended in some other workshops:.

She also appears in a number of Tensegrity videos. How hard did you look? Watch the video version of this article, here: My 10 favorite articles of Part I: Max, Mel and the Witches.

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