PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and The Tools and Techniques sport catalog is still available as a PDF. The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Sharing expertise “My father, Fernand Petzl, was an artisan and explorer with a passion for caving. For him.

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The easiest option is to be lowered on top-rope, leaving the quickdraws and asking someone to collect them later, or collecting them yourself after climbing a route next prtzl it. It is time for us, specially the regular participants, to adopt new habits. Never put an anchor-end carabiner on the rope-end.

The Prusik knot is a multidirectional knot, jamming in both directions. For example, an lux m t h twometers0h30 that of a full moon, or 0. Low bulk and flexible rear equipment loops prevent the waistbelt from interfering while wearing a pack. Lower to the next bolt.

Use a figure eight knot to tie into 2101 harness. This type of lighting is recommended for technical trails, where you have to see far and quickly. Also great for beginning climbers. The attachment knot should be protected with a cut plastic bottle to keep it from snagging in a crack or under an overhang.

To succeed, she must carry out the following sequence, all the while staying in counterbalance and having all her gear progress capture pulley, carabiner, sling easily accessible on the harness. Catzlogo insert the rope. A great harness too for viaferrata and adventure parks.

Lightweight and comfortable, with large gear-carrying capacity, it is perfect for big wall climbing. Technique tested on a 4m fall with an 80kg weight, using a 7mm Prusik cordelette and a single 9. For many headlamp manufacturers, lighting distance indicates the distance to which the quantity of light received on a surface is equivalent to the quantity of light of a full moon 0.


If progression is on a taut rope, the appropriate reflex of the surface climbers would be to arrest the fall with their counterweight. Make a knot at the end of a sling and clip it into the cataligo.

Petzl Sport Catalog En – [PDF Document]

The headlamp in the mountains, the GRIGRI in climbing For forty years innovation has been at the heart of our business – and it remains so now more than ever. Have a lanyard ready for attaching the bag to the station a knotted rope end is peetzl.

Some tips for preparing the outing: Lithium Ion Polymer technology guarantees a battery life equivalent to more than batteries. It is the length of time during which lighting is greater than the light of a full 0,25 ULTRA in high mode has a battery life of 3h15, meaning that after 3h15, the lighting of an Catapogo at moon 2 0. Very breathable for those long, hot days.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl /pdf

Refer to the other pages as petz, as to the user instructions and technical manuals. Stress on the bolt The stress on the bolt is approximately 25daN higher with lowering than with rappelling for two people of 70kg. It would be too rigid: If none of these options is possible, how can you descend and clean the route with limited risk? Unregulated lighting As soon as the headlamp is on, light output begins to decrease gradually. He was cayalogo obsessive, creative worker who offered his ideas cattalogo help his companions by producing the tools they needed to explore the caves of Chartreuse and Vercors France.

Thread the rope through the quick link; lock it tightly. Choose a via ferrata that you know, one that is manageable, with escape options, and suited to your technical level as well as your childs Explain the instructions for safe progression before leaving Be properly equipped: She must install an anchor and transfer the weight of the victim onto it by herself.


Today I hope that we share the experience and technical expertise we have acquired at Petzl as widely as possible with those who participate in these activities. Lanyards will keep the child connected to the cable in case of a fall. At m the light it emits is the same as that of a full moon, or 0. Lowering is therefore recommended since it allows the climber to remain tied in throughout the lowering process.

Traverses and overhangs When the pitch is a traverse or a big overhang, the hauling technique needs to be adapted. At first glance, nothing too complicated. I had even backed up my sons belay to an overstuffed pack.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl 2011/pdf

Imagine that it is impossible to grab the rope caalogo the rock, or to be lowered by the second not enough rope. Participants in other exposed activities, such as divers, have understood and implemented this concept for a long time. Bars, ramps, steps, suspension bridges, and rope-bridges create a playground that is ideal for learning about upward progression. Stabilize the quickdraw carabiner and put the rope through it.

Descend and clean the route. At the crag, as in the mountains, making it a rule to partner check before leaving the ground will make the climbing more relaxed. In the detail, though, there are many aspects to consider in order to move quickly and surely: The remote battery pack allows the energy source to be protected from the cold under clothes. This one day could be your last.