Victaulic is a global manufacturing leader of mechanical pipe joining & pipe union products offering durable, money & time saving pipe connectors (grooved. View & download Victaulic content files for BIM piping software including Autodesk – AutoCAD 2D, 3D Blocks & Plant 3D; Autodesk – Revit MEP; Autodesk . Victaulic catalogs online. Download PDF or save as a collection. Find Victaulic general product catalog for grooved pipe fittings & couplings, valves, adapters.

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In unusual, critical or severe services, full information should be referred to Victaulic. Depressurize and drain the piping system before attempting to install, remove or adjust any Victaulic piping products. Victaulic Copper System 1. If your service is volts, a “Boost and Buck Transformer” may be required.

For easy identification of major sections of interest, see the cataloogo table of contents on pg.

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For restrictions on where and how Vic-Flange adapters and flange washers can be used, refer to Publication It is significantly faster to install than welded systems, while providing design versatility other systems cannot provide. Reference should always be made to the latest Victaulic Gasket Selection Guide request publication Thickness T mm InchesApprox.


Services not shown as recommended or not recommend-ed should be submitted to Victaulic for specific recommendations. This situation is further enhanced when this rubber is subjected to an essentially non-oxidative environment such as a gasket in a water piping system.

Total bolts required to be supplied by installer, may be ordered voctaulic Victaulic. Please see Publication All eight couplings assembling the four elbows of the loop must be flexible.

Refer to Roll Grooving Tool Ratings chart on pgs. Both flexible and rigid couplings offer reduced construction schedules, plus the convenience of a union at every joint and the proven pressure-responsive C shaped Victaulic gasket.

Due to deformation of the collar, Vicatulic thermometer and Vic-Let outlet should not be re-used after initial installation. Available in groove by groove, groove by thread, and thread by thread end configurations, Style 47 dielectric waterways essentially eliminate galvanic cell and stray current problems that lead to corrosion.

Cannot be used with VEMC model. They are designed for direct use with Vic-Easy roll grooving tools: All data contained herein, is subject to change without notice. All Series EN butterfly valves are bronze castings.

the Catalogo victaulic g boring

Nor are they intended for use on pipe with a surface hardness greater than Brinell. Turns to Closekg Lbs. Failure to select the proper rubber compound may result in personal injury or catalpgo damage, improper installation, joint leakage or joint failure. Fitting Victaulic Redes Incendio Documents. B, C Pipe End Sep.


May be used for food. Registered trademark of Victaulic Company. Read and understand the Tool Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual provided with each tool before operating or performing maintenance on tools.

Catalogo victaulic g Victaulic General Catalog. Contact Victaulic for others. Each model may require different incoming power requirements. Gasket lubricant must meet manufacturers specifications. Lubrication assists proper gasket installation.


Metric thread size bolts are available color coded gold for all coupling sizes upon request. Style EN Vic-Flange adapters for copper tubing provide rigid joints when used on copper tubing that is roll grooved to Victaulic dimensions and consequently allow no linear or angular movement at the joint.

These tools are rated for volt service. Published by Articulate Storyline The movement caused by installation at a temperature other than the minimum or maximum operation temperature should also be accounted for. External drive, minimum 1 hp Drive Speed: Victaulic offers a full complement of butterfly, check, ball and triple service valves in a variety of wear- resistant materials and coatings to satisfy your specific piping application requirements.

With this ability to customize the coupling to the project specifications Victaulic Depend-O-Lok products are used on a wide variety of systems.

Headquartered in the US with offices in Canada, the Middle Victaulix, United Kingdom, China and Belgium, Victaulic works closely with facility owners, engineers and contractors, in the installation of systems that compress schedules, reduce risk, improve productivity and facilitate system maintenance and expansion. Published on Oct View Download Although this tool is manufactured for safe dependable operation, it is impossible to anticipate those combinations of circumstances which could result in an catalofo.

All gasket recommendations are based on pressure and temperature limitations published by Victaulic. Victaulic Modeling by AutoPipe.