Laboratory Manual The basic knowledge of CATIA v5 in the scope of files Open new folder named Core & Cavity Design and save CCDmodel CATIA. CATIA – Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) allows rapid and cost effective design of the core and cavity used in mold tooling or manufacturing equipments. i v problem with create a mold in catia. how can use “core and cavity design” and “mold design”. Manainader. 20 Oct, AM.

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Mold Design to Manufacturing You will become familiar with the tool used for manufacturing. Note that only the rough form of the element is taken into account for this computation: Desigh Components You will learn how to tutoriql and instantiate any type of component in a Mold or Die. The definition of the machining process is described in terms of material to add or to remove, under the form of Part Bodies inside the component CATPart descriptions.

How to do the Core & Cavity extraction Catia V5

Prior to reading the Mold Tooling Design User’s Guide, you are recommended to have a look at the Infrastructure User’s Guide for information on the generic capabilities common to all products.

CavitySurface is given as the proposed splitting surface in this case because a surface with this name was found in the MoldedPart; if no surface with this name is found No Vesign you will have to choose one from the MoldedPart, for instance.


Mold Assemblies created before V5R Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The preview is updated accordingly. The default configuration includes most of the predefined plate types with their default dimensions.

You can then use the grid to define the position of the insert according to Sketcher option Snap to point. The viewpoint is redefined if Sketcher option Position Sketch plane parallel to screen is active. Other components will be later inserted in this assembly. If predefined selection filters should be applied at creation time.

Additional Information Coolant Channel creation If cavify of the elements you enter as extremities of the Coolant Channel belongs to the outer planes delimiting the faces of the plate, the application will automatically propose a pipe segment reaching one of these planes: The negative volumes associated to the shape must be created in ttuorial Body named Drill Hole.

Since Assembly constraints can be created only between children of a given structure general CATIA V5 Assemble Design behaviourit is therefore recommended to define a positioning part in the sub-structure where the location elements for the components e. But for example it is not possible to manually create a feature inside. You can add other chapters if you want to add other kinds of user cavoty. If the user has applied a displacement using for example the green arrows in the previewand Offset constraint is created instead of a Coincidence.


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Note that the Gates are picked from catalogs: Click to stop the square moving and press OK to confirm your selection. Either by changing cafia numerical values in the dialog box. Open the contextual menu with the right mouse button and select the CavityPlate.

Sketcher option Snap to point if also taken into account. The Mold Base preview will be automatically updated. Double-click on the reference to open the leader pin definition dialog box; As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only leader pins with a consistent diameter value. cavitu

Core & Cavity Design

Plates that cannot be deactivated are grayed out in the dialog box The abd of the Mold Base is automatically updated when plates are deactivated Plate dimensions may be modified in accordance with design needs.

You can create other families in the chapter if you want. To modify U,V Origin: Simultaneously, the outline of a mold base is displayed on the part.

Select the required type, then cztia of the Gate, using Catalog icon in the Gate definition dialog box: In the catalog browser dialog box, select the Hasco supplier and continue into more detailed definition of the ejector pin as follows:. Mold CorePlate receiving structure: Activate Diameter and set required value.