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Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

Click to share this page to Twitter securely Tweet. Coop Bipartite vocational training fund National cooperatives Training National Bilateral Institution for the Craft Sector Ente Bilaterale Nazionale Artigianato, EBNA Bipartite non-institutional fund Sectoral craft sector Research, coordination, and monitoring of local bilateral bodies in the craft sector that are active in the fields of training, income support, welfare provision, and safety at work.

Involuntary part-time Involuntary part-time workers can be defined as those working part time because they could not find a full-time job. Administrative support to companies, and coordination and monitoring of activities of local bilateral bodies in the construction sector that are active in the fields of income support and welfare provision.

Bipartite health fund Sectoral craft sector Complementary health provisions Supplementary Healthcare Institution for Employees in the Trade, Tourism, and Service Sectors Ente di assistenza ccn, integrativa per i dipendenti dalle aziende del Commercio, del Turismo e dei Servizi, ASTER Bipartite healthcare fund Sectoral trade, tourism, and service sectors Supplementary healthcare benefits Supplementary Healthcare Institution in the Trade, Tourism, Service, and Related Sectors Ente di assistenza sanitaria integrativa Commercio, Turismo, Servizi e settori affini, Fondo Est Bipartite healthcare fund Sectoral trade, tourism, and service sectors Supplementary healthcare benefits Workplace-level employee representation Two different commerccio of workplace-level representation co-exist in Italy: In any case, the duration of the weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours per week, including any overtime hours.

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Decentralised-level agreements can set out different provisions to regulate overtime in order to commerci manage working time within the firm. Eurofound’s Governing Board represents vonfesercenti social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission.

Developments in working life Italian collective bargaining is basically structured on two different levels; sectoral NCBAs are concluded for the whole Italian territory and applied to all employees of the same sector. If the Prevention and Protection Service is arranged within the company, the employer may either commercii on its functions, or appoint a person with suitable skills and expertise. Two days inand up to four days in it can be raised up to five days if the father replaces the mother in relation to the mandatory leave period.


Individual employment relations Individual employment relations are the relationship between the individual worker and their employer. The most relevant are:.

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Not too much has changed, but the ccno of collective bargaining has started to become more evident: These organisations will sit with other social partners to negotiate or renew the relevant NCBA. Vocational training paritarian institutions fondi interprofessionali xonfesercenti, too, must be taken into consideration.

In the past years, trade unions intensified cooperation, in particular at cross-sectoral level, with a view to tackling problems related to the economic crisis. The Constitutional Court ruled on this issue through Judgement No. Training, research, welfare provision, labour market intermediation, and coordination and monitoring of local bilateral bodies active in the same fields.

If the dismissal is based on a just cause, no notice period applies. Moreover, paternity leave is extended to all categories of workers — not only to employees as it is now. Work duration and its regulation in the EU Overtime regulation Unless differently provided cinfesercenti by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur.

If there exists a gender-based difference in the remuneration within the same company, the issue has to be tackled through social dialogue or before a court provided the non-discrimination provisions can be applied to the specific situation. confesercebti

Dismissal and termination procedures The provisions of the Italian Civil Code on individual dismissals were substantially modified by special laws Act no. Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Published on: For this reason, NCBAs provide for a minimum wage for employees in the sector they refer to.

Collective bargaining Bargaining system In Italy, NCBAs are legally binding only upon employers and employees belonging to the organisations that have signed them, or that choose to adopt them.

In addition, the decree on work—life balance Legislative Decree 15 JuneNo. I have come home from work too tired to do some of the household jobs which need to be done. Some aspects of the remuneration structure and working time management, vonfesercenti as incentive plans, fringe benefits, and overtime remuneration, are delegated to decentralised-level agreements. Currently, there are three kinds of apprenticeship: Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation.


With Jobs Act, a binary system has been created: The reduction in working hours can be implemented in three different ways:. Health and safety at commrrcio The overall number of accidents at work has been decreasing in recent years, both in absolute terms and compared to employment rates. Furthermore, in March confdsercenti government presented a new reform aimed at introducing amendments to the educational and vocational system in order to ccl better integration between education and training, on the one hand, and the labour market, on the other.

In some rare and particular cases that is, leading businesses or partly state-owned companiesthe government itself tries to foster, mediate, and support social dialogue. You are here Home Country Ccln and working in Italy. These programmes form the basis for the European Commission’s proposals for country-specific recommendations CSRs for each Member State.

According to the provisions set out in NCBAs, the cost of overtime hours is higher than ordinary working hours.

The NCBAs will be in effect for three years regarding legal aspects as well as pay. Trade unions About trade union representation Employees enjoy the constitutionally enshrined right to organise unions and to strike. Recently, new paritarian institutions have been created with the aim of better supporting both workers and employers when production levels decrease and working activity must be suspended or reduced totally in some cases.

Article 1 of Act no. Living in Italy Print pdf. The country page gives access to Eurofound’s most recent survey data and news, directly related to Italy:. This section looks into psychosocial risks and health and safety in Italy. For the ‘Sometimes’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score.

Two different types of workplace-level representation co-exist in Italy: