But, finally with some incredible teamwork from the EMC vSpecialist squad I now present the complete Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1. This guide. Download Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 Description. Celerra UBER Virtual Storage Appliance Guide v1 EMC Corporation vSpecialist Team February The new Celerra UBER VSA uses this intelligence to now allow *Thin* Configuration is now Perl/Bash based instead of just Bash to keep.

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For all of bsa out there running the Celerra VSA this post is long overdue and can help optimize the VSA quicker administration, file based operations, and better VSI demonstration response times.

Some things presented below may not be new to all, guuide I have a discrepancy in some usages where guidd right settings were set the but the amount of memory available to the VM made the settings irrelevant. It is important gide note that the heavy lifting portion that makes the Celerra what it is gets encapsulated differently on the VSA than on its native hardware platform.

Change 4 and 5 can lead to services crashing in the Linux OS if there is not enough memory available or more data left in memory which can cause data corruption upon unplanned VM outages. The numbered items listed below can be considered the quick and dirty approach to getting optimal bandwidth and administration out of the Celerra VSA.

SSH natively does a reverse lookup on your IP logging in. The above change can mean a whole lot for VSI, so check to see if this setting by itself gets what you’re looking for before moving below.


It is important to mention that the below changes will get you better performance for the VSA. However, the VSA up to this point has been packaged for minimal resource usage and demonstration capabilities vs it’s true potential with the right resources below it.

EMC VNX and Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) – Free Download Link | Yusuf Mangera

The future will tell. The current version of the VSA has the capability of running more than one datamover ie.

This is useful only in the case that you are looking to have a full functioning Celerra management environment with minimal alerts and aligned as close as possible to the hardware. If performance and minimal overhead is what you are looking for then you do not guidd to run the second datamover. The default behavior of the VSA is to have enough resources assigned out of the gate which signals to the first-time start scripts internal to the VSA that only one datamover is to be configured.

If you modify the virtual hardware prior to starting the VSA the first time then it possibly could add another datamover. The changes below are assuming that you at least increased memory above greater than the standard amount.

EMC vVNX for your Home Lab

Without this change, some of the things listed below will have minimal effect. This service uses memory and makes calls to the Linux OS no different than any other process.


For this reason it is important that best ghide be maintained for the Linux platform if you are looking for optimal operations. The Celerra VSA is packaged at the moment to hold a minimal footprint and not for optimal operations.

Linux can do strange things with the swapfile even when memory is not in contention. In order to minimize disk IO we suggest disabling the swapfile on all drives of the VSA through reboots. We will set the options perpetually in the sysctl.

celerrz Previsouly we increased the amount of memory to the virtual machine and told the OS to use more for disk IO. We can also increase the amount of memory that Blackbird has for the Celerra services. This can help with the administrative interface celetra times and IO operations. I remember trying VSA 5.

I would like to tie my two VSA into one domain. Has anybody managed to create an OVF package of the latest simulator?

How to UBER : New Celerra UBER VSA Guide – The Sustainable Leader

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